Training fatigue, Motivation, Recovery and More - Ask a Cycling Coach 411

Long overdue. Here ya go! Copy of Oceanside Pacing and Nutrition - Google Sheets

Feel free to duplicate and edit.


lovely. thanks coach!

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10 gulps of ocean water

Gotta track it all!!! :rofl::rofl:



Turns out I FAR underestimated how much I would take in. Probably didn’t need to take in any more sodium all day :sweat_smile:


I’m far from a serious swimmer, but to me, it looks like the Swim Slow and Swim Fast are swapped. Or am I reading it wrong?

Interesting, pretty sure I’m much heavier than you at 85kg yet my target normalised power is the same as yours for a 2h40 bike split yet capping the max power at about 240-250.

No way I can run as fast as you so I’m aiming for a 30/2h30/1h50 to break 5h.


Yup those were roughly my goals to break 5h…but I think I was 35/2:25/1:50. IIRC, 1:50 is about 8:30/mile pace. I came in at 4:59:35. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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