Training fasted, do I test fasted?

It can be substantially different based on some of the recent research around signaling. They’ve done some really interesting studies where they gave people a carbohydrate drink and then sucked it out of their stomach before it could be digested and even the taste of sugar can cause your body to allow itself to go harder.

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Thank you.

I have read some stuff around studies of carb mouthwashes and similar but had thought that was largely around maintaining performance and the body ‘allowing’ access to existing energy stores rather than actually improving performance.

I guess my ultimate point is that if you can do an hour to 1.5 hour workout fasted without feeling the quality is affected why wouldn’t you do a 20 minute workout (i.e. ramp test) fasted. I also think you should test the way you train. Train in the morning, test in the morning etc. I wouldn’t race fasted or do longer rides fasted.


There is a little bigger picture here. It also depends on your normal diet. It is is a Low Carb High Fat and you have been doing it a while then fasted training in the morning is normal.

Personally I do every training session fasted and every test fasted. Saturdays I normally do a CRIT which is 40-45mins long. Normally prior to this race I will do around 60KM fasted then have a banana and black coffee just prior to the start. I feel fine and my performance is good.

I also think a lot depends on how developed your aerobic engine is. I apply the MAF principle to training. I am 42 so I know that give or take my aerobic HR is around 138BPM. When I do sweet spot It normally hovers just under this level for the first few intervals, sit right on it for the next few and the last one it might push slightly over. So once again sweet spot and MAF seem to be aerobic for me.

Probably best to consider your personal situation and experiment a little.

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! Funny enough I made it down to Podcast 184 today and a user sent in almost this exact same question. They didn’t quite answer it though, the conversation quickly turned to riding fasted in the morning vs. fueled in the afternoon and never really circled back to when the FTP test should be taken. But @chad did basically say morning workouts will never be easy, you just have to find ways to plow through. I did my first ramp test this week fasted and my results were about 20 watts lower than previous 8 min tests done later in the day. Could just be the new format, could be my fueling had an impact. I’m going to let it ride for the week and see how the workouts feel, then go from there. I’m not opposed to eating prior, it just helps me avoid being up a half hour earlier and further pissing off my wife when I wake her up. Can’t wait to hear #194 @Ian

Here’s the forum post for this weeks episode!


The 30 minutes earlier is 100% why I train fasted.

52 years old, 80kg but over 20% fat, try as I might I just cannot burn those fat kilos away.

Yup, that‘ll be interesting and if research shows I am wrong, then I stand corrected. Just listening to my body I know it makes a difference whether I fuel my workouts in the morning with a small breakfast or not. Usually I don‘t for time constraints and because I don‘t need max power, I just need the training.

Besides, if we assume there is a difference between the two FTPs just as I claim, it can still make sense to use your “fasted” FTP as a baseline for your fasted workouts.

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