Training Consulting?

Happy to share. I worked with Maria Rowe:

I did sign up for a block of hours… basically committed to about 8 30-minute sessions. That was enough to get me through the A race I was training for. We covered daily nutrition, hard training day nutrition, and race day nutrition plan. Most of the time we spent on daily nutrition coming up with options and timing that worked with my crazy schedule.

She was great. Very knowledgeable, always followed up with notes, provided detailed meal planning guidelines, etc. tailored for me and my preferences.

She’s probably not going to help you run a calorie deficit and do a cut, but she will help you make sure your nutrition is not the thing limiting your training.

That looks pretty great and what I’m looking for. Someone to help me set myself up better and then can check in as needed! Thank you!

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Thanks! Great resource!

Just wanted to give a shout out for Kurt too. He did a nice deep dive into my training history and we had a great discussion, he’s got lots of knowledge nuggets to share :slight_smile: