Training And Afib

Is anyone else working around afib while training consistently? I’ve been dealing with an increasingly intrusive heart arrhythmia that was diagnosed as “benign heart palpitations”. Was never able to get it captured on an EKG or Holter monitor. About two hours into a three hour ride on Sunday, I got hit with another bout. Usually they last about an hour or so, but this one was a sustained episode and lasted all night and into the next day. By an incredible stroke of luck, I had a cardiology appointment the next morning, and was still arrhythmic when I checked in for my appointment. They took an EKG, diagnosed the issue as afib, and prescribed a medication (calcium-channel blocker) used to treat high blood pressure. Within 9 minutes of taking the first pill my heart rhythm went from total chaos to rock solid. I was concerned about executing workouts on this medication since one of the effects is to lower one’s heart rate, but the last couple of workouts I’ve had no noticeable effect other than -5 or -10 bpm. Anyone else successfully treating afib with meds? If so, how’s it impact your training?

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