Atrial fibrillation

Hi all;
I am a cardiologist and my main area of cardiology is arrhythmias.

I am hoping to collect some information regarding the risk of atrial fibrillation and cycling (partly as I am an avid cyclist and am curious about my own risk).

The previous literature pertaining to this is clouded by the mix of training and experience of cyclists (usually it only includes hours on the bike and how many years).

The beauty about using trainer road is many of us will be using the same programs.

What I would be interested in knowing is whether you have had atrial fibrillation and your training history. It would be more robust if you have had an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) but that is not necessary. Equally important would be including people without atrial fibrillation with similar training plans so if this is you and your interested let me know.

Everything would be kept anonymous.

Just testing the waters to see if there is interest

Matt Bennett
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Vancouver General Hospital
Clinical Associate Professor, University of British Columbia


I’ve had a couple of episodes of a-fib and suffer from pvcs. I’d be happy to help out. I also get episodes of psvt. Or that’s what it’s been suggested that it is. Oh and I’ve had an ultrasound of the heart and an echocardiogram.

What would you need from users to help you out? I’d be happy to contribute to this as a member who has not had issue with a-fib. I’ve not had any tests run either.

Not AF but a pretty serious case of VF.

Given my extensive history with a-fib I’d love to participate. Please let us know what data you’d like to see or know. I’ll gladly help and provide whatever information I can.
Heck, I just had a conversation with my EP yesterday.

I haven’t had any issues. Based on some info from this book, I make sure to take time off during the winter months to give my heart a break. As a masters athlete this is something I don’t want to experience.

The Haywire Heart: How too much exercise can kill you, and what you can do to protect your heart


Hi, I am very interested. I have had episodes of a-fib for the past 5 years.
Episodes are getting more frequent. I have an appointment with my cardiologist in a month to discuss the possibility of an ablation.

I am definitely interested. I have had episodes of a-fib also when exercising. I’ve seen a Cardiologist and had an echocardiogram done.

Only triggers so far at maximal efforts. On the Cardiologists advice, i have bought a Kardia EKG device that works with my phone to capture it when it happens next, so i can email the EKG to him and he can then decide the best plan of attack

Hi Matt,

Have occasional AF but not enough to warrant meds/ablation yet…

Would be happy to help out if I can.




Ventricular fibrillation as opposed to atrial fibrillation

I’d be happy to participate as someone with no known af issues

I’ve had two episodes but not for five years or so. Happy to help out. Had a few ECG’s and stress tests etc.

I know, but that’ll kill you unless you got an ICD

Sorry I thought when you wrote “what?” that you were asking what it was.

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nor worries, I was just stumped :slight_smile:

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@mattscardiostuff - I have AFl. I had an echo for an unrelated medical in 2014 (without issue) and developed symptoms in 2017. I had another echo and a Holter monitor for three days and was confirmed with AFl in 2018 which I’ve had since without treatment. I train regularly and am currently on about 500/600TSS a week. Let me know if I can help.

It did, sort of, I was resuscitated on the road by a passing Surgeon, cause was severe RTA whilst out training, my heart went into VF and cardiac arrest (so I’m told) cardiologist told me the accident may or may not have caused it but he found evidence of past scarring most likely caused by long term endurance sport (very common)

I have an ICD as a result but ride/race with no issues :grinning:


I bet there are a lot of guys from TR that would be willing to help you out. Tell us what specifically do you need. Heck I bet TR would help too.

holy shit, congrats on winning the lottery surviving an OOH cardiac arrest :v: