Trainerroad workout the day before a century

I am trying to pick the appropriate last week taper rides for a century event on a Saturday (later in August)

I was thinking to use CTS recommendation which means:

  • Wednesday carb depletion 2-3hrs steady state ride
  • Thursday recovery ride
  • Friday leg-shake-up ride

Any workout recommendations for these 3 rides? Any thoughts for tapering the week before the event?


Have you looked at the TR Century Specialty plans? They pretty much feature a range of endurance-only rides (while some workouts may have some form sprints or other bonus options). Not much intensity with the assumption of a more steady-state approach to the ride.

You can review this post for openers that are worth considering.

Thanks for the response. I signed up for the century but I was’t sure if the 8th week is meant to be the taper week or should have a 9th one to taper. Can you please clarify?


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Yes, that is essentially the case. However, the Century Specialty is a bit unique. If you expand the “Week Tips” from the plan window or the tips showing on your Calendar, you can see the info:

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So much of the answer to this question depends on what a century means to you and how taxing you expect it to be based on your capabilities and how you approach the event.

For some people a century ride is just their normal Saturday. For others it is something they plan the entire season around.

Similarly - if you want to complete a century at a very aggressive pace that’s going to have you on your limit for a long time you should approach this very differently than if you’re going to take a break every 15-20 miles to fill up bottles and bellies.

Finally, do you intend to ride with a group that requires surging and hard efforts followed by relatively easy periods or do you plan to ride it closer to a time trial with a consistent steady pace?

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The “tips” clarifies the intention of the wortkout plan. Thanks.

The gran fondo I am more concerned about is a 160miles, 10K elev gain one, with a time limit of 12hrs. My goal is to complete it around 10hrs, which for my standards will fall into the “aggressive” ride, with consistent pace & hydration/nutrition. On top of that, this will take place in Europe which means I will have to travel the weekend before the event from USA.

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Honestly given that time and pacing strategy I would be more worried about being rested than I would be doing a specific openers workout the day before.

Due to the duration of the effort you won’t need a fast start or a hard effort - your body will have plenty of time to come around, particularly if you start at a 12 hour pace (as opposed to starting at a 9 hour pace and then slowly deteriorating throughout the day).

Maybe something short and easy like Lazy Mountain or Carter -1, the day before - but mostly make sure you’ve got your glycogen topped up and you’re well rested

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This and the opportunity of a final run through on the bike for any last minute adjustments (especially with travel involved).

I appreciate your response!

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I have ridden Basin -4 the thursday before a long Saturday ride. I usually travel to my long rides, so I do taku on Friday before leaving.

I looked at the century plan, because long distance is all I do. I thought the lack of HIIT was rather glaring. And I get enough endurance outside.