TrainerRoad workout compliance has improved

Since widespread AT adoption…since TrainNow release…since plans have been updated. My sense is TrainerRoad workout compliance has improved. Or, it’s more than a sense, really, I think it has*.

Is that true, TrainerRoad? Or am I tricking myself with data?

*Except for Johnson. Nobody can complete Johnson.


For me, having completed SSB HV, Short Power Build HV, and CX specialty HV, I really only had a bad string of workouts the last week of specialty, given I had some weekend racing and fatigue built up. Not sure if I’m an edge case, I do a good majority of my training indoors, do outside workouts on very specific roads (generally when we’re spending weekends at my parents, I have a great loop there), and I generally don’t mix in casual/group riding except during recovery weeks.

So I’ve enjoyed the AT experience for sure

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