TrainerRoad users' bikes

wow. steel, rim brakes… all that varied riding. how… i just don’t… it couldn’t be, surely…???

I’ve also done a fair bit of gravel riding on it, but I wouldn’t really advise that! It’s OK on fairly light gravel (we have a few disused railway routes which are usually pretty rideable), but it’s a bit harsh on anything more than that. A few times I have taken it down stretches of bridleway to link roads I wanted to ride, and that definitely wasn’t ideal.

To be fair, I probably would have got the disc version had it been available in 2015 - it came out in the next year range after they switched to Columbus. I’ve had to bin a pair of wheels after wearing through the rims, I would rather just swap out rotors… Especially as I ride it in the winter (it takes full guards), and that tends to wear out wheels.

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I love and hate this thread in equal measure. It does make me a little jealous with all these beautiful, new and expensive bikes, BUT(!) it also makes me love my cheap-ass roadie all the more. It does absolutely everything I want, (I think) it looks the part too.

2013 Btwin Triban 3 - £300
Cheap Rivendell Roly Poly tyres (love them), even still running the original innertubes!

Owned from new, all original except a few chains I think. Bloody love it, can’t justify spunking a load of cash on something different :blush:


It’s not about the bike you ride, it’s about the rides your bike takes you on :ok_hand:t4:

Anyone else keep their stuff OCD clean? Missed some on the fork crown on the FUEL :cry:


When I used to commute (pre Covid and WfH) I used to commute on the Triban 500 and whilst it may not be as good as a bike costing 10x as much its not that far behind and its the motor that counts. Its excellent VfM :+1:


Just makes it all the better when you show up the people riding those flash new bikes, love an underdog :raised_hands:t3:


It looks like a well loved machine… and that’s what this thread is really about…


New wheels day :heart_eyes:


That thing is fast standing still. Very nice.

Now those are some deep wheels. Are those 80 mm?

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I do not know why Specialized insists on making the sidewalls of some of their tanwall tires the color of hot dog mustard, but it certainly is distinctive. :joy:


100m. Aeox Titans from Aero Coach.


Orbea Orca Aero, vision 5D handlebars, Ultegra mechanical, FSA P2M alloy powermeter, Bontrager Aeolus 50mm wheels.
Love this bike


Pinarello F10 , Campa Chorus , 4iiii Precision 105 Crankset. Can’t stop riding it.


Nice colour too :ok_hand:t2:

Race trim… Although the rear will be a Mezcal. Terreno is just so much more enjoyable for intervals.


Took my Marin out for a quick half-time smash. :soccer:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Super pleased with how it’s come together.

Basically standard Marin Palisades Trail, from mid to late 1990s, cleaned up and serviced, new pads, new cables and shifters (old ones broken), my old SpD-SL pedals off my road bike, old road bike saddle and a set of new 50mm gravel tyres and tubes.

Love it :blush:


On an RB? What the hell :joy:. Definitely looking crazy. You primarily riding TT or why not the Zephyr ?

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Here is my bog standard Giant TCR Advance Pro 0.
Top end might not be as fast as my Aeroad was but I think it’s a much better all round bike. I’m only 3 months in but we are building a special relationship.


I was debating whether to get the titans wheels or zephyres but knowing myself i‘d regret not going all out and questioning the decision later on :rofl:
Being a heavier rider i mostly ride on the flat and i did some testing with my trispoke on the road bike to see whether stability could be an issue.
I have ridden them 3 times now and haven‘t even felt a gust of wind and i could always gp back to the clx64s for alpine decents.

And the speed increase over a 60mm wheel is enermous and can be felt at all times :grin: