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Met up with a friend and his new Madone


What brand is that bike on the right? I can’t quite make it out.


I know it’s a meme by now, but I love the huge down tube logo. There are paint jobs with a smaller one and they look stupid to me :man_shrugging:t2:.
What I don’t like is the Force AXS level bike costing €10,000 and the Red AXS level bike being more than 8kg.


Yea I don’t mind the big logo myself, but now that the new Emonda is out for a while I think I vastly prefer that bike overall from a functional and aesthetic standpoint, and think the big logo looks better because it still takes up the whole downtube, but the downtube is smaller too. The Emonda makes the Madone look very bulky/heavy IMO. The Emonda also has the more compliant, lighter, and better looking integrated bar IMO, which I actually noticed on the Madones in TdF as well presumably to help get weight down.

Logo wise, I’m not a fan of the TREK logo on the fork on either model, though that’s specific to a few colorways. Price is pretty crazy too, and I think its gone up again for 2022. Guess I’ll be keeping my old slow non aero non disc brake Emonda a while longer.

Madone and Domane SLR retail prices are crazy. Love this Emonda and stealth downtube logo:

Tried to get that last week but LBS said it was a 6 month wait.


For someone with a dated bike maybe it’s worth it for the newer stuff like a higher tech aero frame, electronics, and integration, but I already have a compliant (non aero) carbon frame, Di2, good wheels and some integration, so when I think about selling my bike for ~$3000 and then spending $8-9k to maybe gain .5mph, all I can see is Donald Trump yelling at me “this is the worst deal in the history of deals”


I was pleasantly surprised to get almost 2400 for my 2015 gen1 Domane (Pro’s Closet). That is 60% of what I originally paid :metal:


Yeah, used bikes are going for a lot right now. Sold my 2018 Cervelo R3 for a pretty penny.

Interesting. I’ve considered looking into selling them a bike. It’s a ‘higher end’ TT bike so not sure there is much market locally for it and I don’t want to deal with eBay or other online classifieds

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some more info here:

My 2019 Focus Izalco Max 9.8 with Red eTap and a Quarq. After a few teething issues (BB was installed poorly by the LBS and the stock chain catcher was misaligned) she is purring. Absolutely love this bike, beautiful colour combination, very fast and a dream to ride.


  • 2015 custom painted Cannondale SuperSix Evo Di2-only frame, custom painted FSA 130mm stem.
  • Zipp 302 wheels.
  • Ultegra 6870 Di2 groupset.

I love this bike.


And I can see why, very tidy :sunglasses:


New bike day :sunglasses:

  • Tarmac SL7 Comp in satin teal tint
  • Enve 5.6 Disc wheels
  • Rival eTap AXS with Red crankset w/PM

Nice. How long of a wait did you have to buy it?

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about 1 hour :sunglasses:


Here’s mine. 2020 Ridley Fenix SL Disc. The Forza Levanto DB carbon wheelset was an upgrade option. First road bike for a long time and really pleased with it. :grinning:


That’s one nice bike with a tasteful choice of components.

PS I wish I could have gone for a Red (or Red-level Quarq) crank.

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Dang. None of them he spesh shops around have a single tarmac in stock

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There are a few 61 cm within a reasonable drive for me, but I’m pretty sure my wife would make me sleep in the garage with the new bike if I brought it home :thinking::thinking::thinking: