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New bike day! 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2. I’m not racing road bikes, so I went with an endurance frame.

Poor thing got wet on the bike rack on the way home from the shop, but here it is in all it’s hallway glory.

Of course I have some upgrades coming. I just so happen to have an almost new Ultegra 11 speed crankset that will go on it. I have a stages left side power meter headed my way, and of course some Hunt aero wheels lined up to go on it.

First carbon bike I’ve ever owned, first disk brake bike I’ve ever owned, and first tubeless bike I’ve ever owned. This old man is catching up with the times!

I think I’ll save close to 300g on the crankset swap, and 500g on the wheels and tires. Should put me at upper 17lbs (about a pound lighter than my steel Allez).


Very modified Canyon Endurace CF 7.0 on the Galibier.


I think I’ve got a shot on that bend from my 2013 Marmotte and its all white :joy:

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Had the same bike and stupidly sold it!! Awesome pic!!

Was looking at the Endurance Al 6 to stash at my parents house which we visit once a month or so with the kids. Obviously it would be heavier and the Cf 7 is a few (big) levels up but being in the same “family” would you recommend getting it?


Is that an Addict RC? I have my eye on one, I’d love to know how it rides!

New (to me) dirt jumper. (I am 42 years old in 3 weeks). I may have cracked a rib on my second outing on it last Monday :flushed: :smile:

Mongoose Fireball 2014


For me, the Endurace was chosen for the slightly shorter reach (vs the Ultimate) while still being racey and it lives upto that. Happy to recomend.

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Yes an addict RC. For me it’s perfect - I couldn’t get the higher spec model so I upgraded the wheels immediately. I run 30mm Tubeless so the roads just feel smooth. It looks fast and feels fast to me.

Getting prepared to hit the roads but was raining in the last 3 days :slight_smile:

And… here we go :slight_smile:


as they say, bikes won’t break your heart but bones. you have 206 of them so, shouldn’t be a big problem :joy:

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Gratuitous repeat bike post, under the guise of a 1x conversion. Oxfordshire mud for added ‘Je ne sais quoi’.


What Frameset is that? I can’t quite place it

System six I think?

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I think I love this bike. Really nice to see a different colour as well.

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This is my Niner RLT steel. Not the raciest bike on the forum and definitely not the lightest, but I love this bike. This pic was just before a perfect day of riding the Mammoth Grand Fondo over the weekend.


Looks like a Cannondale SystemSix

Yes it is a systemsix with a custom paint job, he posted it on post number 1994


Yes a Systemsix with custom paint, in semi-midget size (51) :slightly_smiling_face:

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The touch of gold is perfect!

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