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My trusty road ripper for the last couple of years. Custom hand-built aluminum LOW// MK Disc Road by Andrew Low in San Fransico. Full ENVE carbon components with Shimano Ultegra Mechanical. Had his gravel frameset on order for the last 10 months but he recently decided to shut down production for the foreseeable future.


How did you have it painted? Does it affect the frame warranty?

The good folk at Fatcreations did the paintwork, but I’m afraid I don’t know for sure about the warranty as this is second hand.


My aethos with Enve 2.3


What an awesome bike!

Is your bike still getting built? A while back I saw on his site that he’s no longer accepting new orders but didn’t see anything about folks who already put in a deposit.


This was done last winter, rode her all summer. If you’re willing to wait Joey will paint your bike

No he sent out an email to everyone with orders. He’s refunding everyone.

Shit I had no clue

Follow-up to my post a few weeks ago. Defy with a few upgrades:

  • Hunt wheels and 30mm Schwable’s tubeless
  • Carbon Thompson bar
  • Ultegra crank
  • Stages left side power meter
  • Garmin 530
  • Jaunty seat angle that needs to be fixed

After 30 years of riding 23mm and 25mm tires pumped up to 90psi, these 30mm tires at 60/50psi are a revalation! Sooo comfy. Bike handles very well and takes corners very confidently. Me likey.

Just need to fix the seat angle and cut the steerer tube down a bit.


My “commuter” bike :slight_smile:

Giant Trinity Advance Pro 2
Reynolds Strike wheels
Ultegra / DA / 105 mechanical mix (limited by BB92, will move to larger non-Shimano chainrings so seemed a waste to go for a R8000 crank)

All set for my transition from road racing to masters triathlon and time trialling.


An awesome bike to commute on. For a wee bit I commuted to my old work on my TT bike but I could store that in the office basement which you had to go through one of the offices to access. At my current workplace the bike cage is excellent but I don’t think I’d store anything much more expensive than my T2 Kinesis in it; plus I’ve got to train 60miles before I cycle and a crowded commuter train and TT bars wouldn’t mix :joy:

Added some campy levante wheels - wish they were deeper but they ride brilliantly.


A nod to my favorite hair style my new Santa Cruz 5010. It’s a mullet!!! 29 up front to take care of business and 27.5 out back to party like it’s 1999. Got some work to dial in the suspension and the way it corners vs my Hightower 29 on both ends. One ride so far and it was a hoot.


Not NBD but NWD:

Got Bontrager Aeolus Pro 51s for my Emonda with Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR tyres:

It is amazing how deeper wheels change the look of a bike. I am in love.


You’re going to love these wheels! I’ve been riding them for over a year and they’ve been great…light, easy to mount tires (even GP 5000 TL), and they’ve stayed true under a larger rider like me!

Did you use the Bontrager rim strips? I had decent luck with them, but ended up using DT Swiss tape and they hold pressure better now than with the strips.


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Good to know! Reading some internet reviews they seem to be great value for their price.

I did. Will report back on how well they hold their pressure.