TrainerRoad Team on Zwift

Cool, hit the link above in comment by @rkoswald its for the thread I started for ZRL . In that thread there are links to FB group and a goggle doc for rider details if you want to jump into that. :v:

Awesome. Appreciate the help and info! Thanks.

ZP: Oli Binch
Zwift: Oli Binch


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Requested on ZP

TR: mathieurrr
Zwift: Mathieu Parisien

you’re in

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ZP isn’t showing race / event titles for some reason, but congrats nonetheless to the following who stood on the virtual podium over the last week!

B // Graig G
E // Andrew Anson (TR)


Access Request
Zwift Alexander Sandoval (TR)
TR: aps293

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Quick recap on season 1 of ZRL, had 20 riders across three teams in the EMEA league, Cat A team finished second in their division and should be stepping up a division. Two Cat B teams one finished 9th and the other 20th ( lost two race finishes due to tech faults)
Some C and D riders interested in getting involved but need a few more to make a team.
Have no TR ladies as yet if anyone interested, also its rumored men/women teams will be allowed.
Race times are 6.15 and 7.45pm UK time and scheduled to restart 12th January.
PM me here if anyone wants to get involved


Access request

TR: dbad75
Zwift: D. Badura (TR)

You’re in

ZP access requested

TR: kylehaga
Zwift: k.haga


Access request please.

TR: adrianc1977
Zwift: Adrian Chapple (TR)

Adrian, welcome to the team!

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Here are our podium finishers from the last week or so. Congrats, and well done!

Monday Run Club // A // 3rd // Alexander Sandoval (TR)
ZHR Audax // E // 3rd // G Cranston (TR Junkies A)
3R Volcano Climb Race // B // 1st // Kristian Livall (TR)
TFC Xmas D League Series // A // 1st // Matt Goward (TR)


Season 2 zrl starts 12th Jan, could’nt get a C team together so will have same A and B teams starting. Mixed women/men teams are allowed, any A and B riders interested get in touch. A’s ride 6.15 pm, B’s 6.15 and 7.45 pm

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Hey everyone! :slight_smile: I’d appreciate it if you’d add me to the team.
TR: miromateev
Zwift: M iro AK [TR]

Welcome to the team!!!

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