TrainerRoad Team on Zwift

TR Joe X
Zwift Joe X

@bboocock, @JoeX, you’re both in. Welcome!

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Is there a particular race or series to focus on?

Hey Joe

Group of us doing the Emea ( UK time zone) league in the Zrl. Other than that think folks picking off Zwift races that suit them.


are those eastern times?

UK time zone

Hi all, I’d like to join the TR zwift team.
TR: Jaymidumper
Zwift: Jaymi Dumper (TR)

are there any regular races that the A’s do? Has the team come up with a schedule of races or leagues/series. I went through the first 200 or so posts on this thread, so far.

Hi Jay, team of A’s doing the Zwift Race League in the Uk time slot - 6.15pm. If your interested pm me👍

If you want to join for a team time trial how do you go about it

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sorry I just don’t know how to go about this

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:point_up_2: only team TT events I’m aware of other than those in the Zwift race league.

I have entered a trainer road team for Thursday @ 5.40pm for mocha group B any one infested in joining me

No on Zwift. I am looking group C or D rides to join me on Thursday anyone interested?

I have been trying to get riders where do you get the TR D riders list from?

Look at TR team riders on ZwiftPower it will show anyone that is Cat D, other than that I’m not aware of any compiled list.

I was wanting to form a team time trial on Zwift for category C group, to take part on Thursday nights would you be interested. Stephen Kilpatrick

Was wanting to see if you are interested in a team time trial on Zwift on Thursday night for category C . Stephen Kilpatrick

I was wanting to form a team time trial on Zwift, on Thursday nights would you be interested, Stephen Kilpatrick

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Please add.

Zwift: Wayne Short
TR: wayneshort

Sorry Stephen, I can’t do Thursday evenings.

Regards Darren