TrainerRoad Team on Zwift

I’m also interested in joining the A group - just the small matter of nudging my w/kg over 4.

Might me there for January :person_shrugging:

I am enjoying the B group at the moment though :thinking:

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Access Request
Zwift fraser johns (TR)
TR: frazrider

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So how is this working in practice? I’m listed on the team on ZwiftPower, but that’s it. What’s next? How do we actually race together?

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Hi, there are a few teams racing together on Zwift racing league on the Emea times ( UK/ Europe ). Check out the Zwift teams Emea thread or hit me with a pm and I’ll fill you in :v:

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Access Request
Zwift Name = Bram van Montfort (TR)
Trainerroad Name = brammibal

Looking to join to join a EU team for the next WTRL season. B level


Hi, hit the link for google doc, request access and fill in your details.
TR-EMEA - Google Drive

If your on fb , TrainerRoad EMEA - WTRL Zwift Team [TR-EMEA] ( We keep everyone updated here.


Hey all, I’m trying to drum up some people for ZRL season two, pop over and add your name if interested.


Just submitted a request to join the team.

TR Username: Craig_G
Zwift / Zwiftpower Username: Craig G

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Craig, you’re in

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Thank you. Appreciate it.

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Just submitted a request to join the team now I can reliably get TR and Zwift running concurrently on my Mac. (David Higgins (TR))

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Just requested.

Zwift - Yasser R

Back on TrainerRoad and wanting back on the team please

ZP: Miles Askew
Zwift: Miles Askew (SB20)

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Hi All, someone with username Ver Xus joined our FB group for Euro Zrl and they’re on TR podcast FB group. Can you contact me here as I’ve no clue who the user is. :+1:

Are you guys still racing on Zwift? I’m interested in doing some races but am currently right on the line of D and C hence my focus on Trainerroad :wink:.

It’d be cool to ride with some like-minded TR people and work up the ranks together.

@ryanmc06, first season of zrl just finished and second penciled in for 12th Jan. Some folks in EMEA ( UK / Euro time zone) league. Where are you located?

@jonathanwaddell I’m in the US, Iowa more specifically.

We do have a few US and Canadian guys that race the Emea as it suits them during the day but not everyone can do that . There were two time slots, 6.15 and 7.45 pm (UK). Your 6 hrs behind ?
If your interested I can keep you in the loop for season 2 when details released

There’s a related thread here. None of the racing times for season 1 worked for me so I’ve only loosely followed TR team creation / organization. ZRL season 1 offered numerous time slots, I’m just not certain which ones we had teams in.

Yeah I’d be interested to find out when more information is released. I work from home most days, so I have some flexibility in timing depending on the days.

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