TrainerRoad Team on Zwift

Had problems logging in yesterday after the update.

I reset my iPad after three consecutive crashes. That seemed to sort it out. Stable for almost 2 hrs after that.

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Took on the C’s up La Reine this morning for the ZA 2020 Race 2. Had about 50 people ahead of me that Zwiftpower later cut from the race. Put in too much effort early to stay with the front group before the climb- wish I had known most of them weren’t really in the race! Ah the joys of Zwift-racing.

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Join request please.
mgoward on tr
Matt Goward (tr) on zwift

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Hey all,

Asked to join on ZwiftPower

Joe E GWRT [OUTCAST] on Zwift.

Cat A

Any chance you could change my username as well?

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Sure. What would you like it to be?


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Done. :smiley:

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Podiums from the last couple of days. Well done to all! #trftw

3R & ZID Merdeka Classique Flat Race Series - Round 4 of 4 // Saturday // A // Colin Ferguson #ridefanatik

ZHQ FutureWorks Crit City Race - Boost mode // Thursday // B // Chad McNeese (TR)


Congrats to the following trophy winners. #trftw

Thursday 17:55 // Slowtwitch Indoors: Hilly Vanilli Chase // C // Larry Steinberg (TR)

Thursday 13:45 // XRS - ZTR Thursday Night Race // B // Kevin West (TR)

Wednesday 18:00 // ZHQ FutureWorks Crit City Race - Boost mode // C // Larry Steinberg (TR)

Wednesday 17:30 // ZHQ FutureWorks Crit City Race - Anti-sandbagging // B // Ryan Bonick (USAC 577195)


Halfway through the first ZRL season run by WTRL and the TR teams in Europe league are going great racking up all time and seasons pr’s. With the large numbers in Euro league the first two rounds were used to sort out subdivisions and help make for more evenly matched teams in each division.
5 rounds in and the A team is sitting 2nd in their division just 2 points behind 1st.
B1 have had every technical meltdown possible and only registered 3 race finishes but are putting in greater performances than the league position suggests.
B2 are sitting 13th in their division with only a handle of points separating most of the teams.

Huge thanks to everyone thats racing their butts off every Tuesday, had listed everyone but cant mention that many users in post. :frowning:

Most are up for continuing with season 2 in January, anymore TR folks interested in taking part get in touch. Would be good to get more cat C and D on board and have them climb the cats. Likely will need 2 A teams as some of the B’s have already upgraded


I’m interested, cat D but should upgrade soon to C

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Hit the fb and google links at top of this post and request to join, fill your details into the doc. :+1:

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Access Request
Zwift: Graham Caparulo (TR)
TR: gcaparulo

Access Request
Zwift Jacob Morris (TR)
TR: dendroica1

@gcaparulo, @dendroica1, got you! Welcome to the team!!


Podium finishes from the last couple of days. Well done!! #trftw

The - GO TBR / BDCC / SMCC Combine // B // Ross Taylor [SMCC]

GGCC GlasgowGreen CC TT // B // Nate Lewis (TR Junkies B1)


Hi! I’m interested in joining a team for the ZRL A category in Europe.
If it’s full at the moment I will probably be available in January if you are starting a additional team.
Best of luck to you all!

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