TrainerRoad Team on Zwift

Just sent a request to join the TR Zwift team.

I’m a mid pack group B rider based in the UK. Would be great to join some races with more TR people :slight_smile:


If you’re on FB we’re organising everything through this group , have a catch up and hopefully see you online👍

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Thanks! I deactivated my facebook a while a ago so will look at re-activating it.

The WTRL race timings for EMEA are a little tricky for me on Tuesday evenings. I might be able to make some events but not all.

No problem, there’s a doc in the group where you can note a availability

I’m not part of the TR racing team, but I started my 3 week mini race “season” today with a B race. Ended 17th, only 1 sec behind winner, but the important thing for me was that my IF for 51mins of riding was 0.95 (3.9w/kg), so it was some solid work. Would love to see that IF creep up closer to 1 in the next few weeks!


17th only 1 second behind the winner? Is that placing taken from zwiftpower or from the joke zwift placings?

End of race results. I was DQd from zwift power because I don’t use my HR monitor (at least not into zwift, I hate seeing it and getting psyched out)

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That’s what ‘sticky notes’ are for :stuck_out_tongue:


If only someone made a keystroke in which the Hr field could be hidden!


Hi requested to join earlier
Zwift user G Cranston
Trainerroad gcranston



Hi - great to see a TR team on Zwift! Hoping to do a bit more racing over our upcoming winter months.

I requested to join the team on ZwiftPower. My TR username is brianv17 and my Zwift profile name is B. Vandegriend.

Three teams on EMEA league, Cat A in East and a Cat B in East and West. The A’s are full but have a few slots in B2 East (6.15pm UK). A few C’s have jumped in with the B’s.
Anyone else interested get in touch.


Good luck in the ZCL guys!!


Requested access:

TR Name: rogergural
Zwift Name: Roger Gural

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Podium shoutout time. Congrats to everyone who raced this past week, whether you took a podium or not. Well done!

Colin Ferguson - 3R Classique Flat Race // Saturday // A

Miles Askew - BRT Ages Racing League // Friday // C

Will Salmon - OH MY CRIT! - The Double Race 2/2 // Thursday // B

Mark Bennett - Aussie Crit Crushers Race 1 of 2 // Tuesday // D


Requested access:

TR Name: Johannes9220
Zwift Name: Johannes Rask Sørensen (TR)

Jonathan. I’m up for this if you can squeeze me in. I’m a Cat A with a 20min w/kg of around 4.4. Thanks, Miles

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Requested access:

TR Name: cobalde
Zwift Name: Chris Obalde (HBCC) / (TR)

Have dabbled in Zwift races but getting more engaged with it now that winter has rolled around here. Typically a 6am (NY) rider, with some flexibility on weekends

Unofficial results (ZP and WTRL are back logged) after the first race for the TR EMEA W B group. Great showing by the team to be able to take 5th spot.


Yes great effort everyone! I managed to stay with the front group for the first 10 mins or so before getting dropped. Then spent most of the rest of the race working with @jonathanwaddell :smile: