TrainerRoad Team on Zwift

Exactely! I am put off of the zwift because of this single reason, happily, TR is for more me than enough.

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A break off the back is a much better description… it’s what I use and I have perfected the manoeuvre :wink:


Requested access
Zwift: Larry Steinberg
TR: larspnw
Have done a few zwift races and could use some motivation!

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Monday highlight reel time! Well done to all who raced over the last week. Here are the podium finishes. #trftw

ZHQ Beta Crit City Race Friday D Mark Bennett (CJBC)

ZHQ Beta Crit City Race Thursday B Chad McNeese (TR)

ZHQ Beta Circuit Race Thursday D Mark Bennett (CJBC)

WKG - CRITTY CRITTY BANG BANG Tuesday A Rick Hawker (TR Junkies A)


I also somehow managed to snag a bronze in a B ZHQ Beta Crit City race (with a 3.4w/kg!) - but I guess if TR isn’t set as my primary team, it doesn’t show?


What is your Zwift username? Also, what day was that particular race?

Should be under Ryan Bonick (USAC license) - was on 10/14, here’s a link

Interesting … must be because TR isn’t your primary team. I didn’t realize ZwiftPower did that. I’ll have to see if there is a better way to find all TR results, not just those who list TR as their primary team. In the meantime, congrats on a great race!!!

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The Zwift team should think about joining the new amateur racing series on RGT, Echelon Racing League Amateur Series quite a but different to Zwift racing. On real USA courses.

Just for fun, here’s what the “team car” looked like for my team, [DRAFT], in the Zwift Premier League TTT yesterday. I was DS for the squad🤗


How did your crew get on? Guys on EMEA League watching live stream last night, TTT is not easy thing to do.

We are provisionally in 4th place behind Canyon, BRT and SZ. That particular course, although flat is tricky with all the twisty sections!

Good luck everyone racing it today!


Squeaked out another W with some good power up and boost timing :smiley:


Late(ish) to the party.

Requested to join the team
Zwift: Laurence Howles
TR: lhowles

Just getting back on some races for the winter


There are 3 teams going in EMEA leagues, one Cat A and 2 Cat B.
No C, D or ladies as yet . Any interest get in touch.

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Final results in:

We were 4th in the TTT and now sitting 4th overall in the league!!


Fantastic result, watched live stream of top teams, hugely impressive performances.

Anyone having app stability issues with Z after the update?(iOS)

Would love to join TR Zwift team.

Zwift Name = Ivo K.
Trainerroad Name = IvoKrakic

down to do any races or rides.

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Had problems logging in yesterday after the update.