TrainerRoad Kudos

Definition: AI Cycling Training = The science of making competitive cycling training smart.

Wow, TrainerRoad has evolved into an amazing platform. Having just returned to TR, I am floored by how the combination of imaginative, supportive chat support coaches, AI, and software is making my experience a pure joy just a few weeks in.

As a 53 year old, overweight aspiring gran fondo rider, I’m finding every step just right beginning with the Masters Training Plans. From the Ramp test to the adaptations along the way I’m finding each ride being the right ride in the right measure. In a word, magical so far.


Check back in when you’re winding down Base 2. I’m there and feeling pretty darn good, and I had a full on coach for the last 2 years. It feels “too easy” sometimes, but AI FTP keeps ticking up in small increments.

Bring on Build Phase!


Welcome to the TR community! :smiley:

Stoked to hear you’re enjoying it! Keep up the great work and feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

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Loving that you’re loving it!!! :heart_eyes:

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