TrainerRoad Kits are Here!

I love this idea, Nate. That and possibly users can add their pics & data along the way to broaden the database.


We’ll make it happen!

If you get your whole crew fitted, y’all could have a potential boyband album cover shot like this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome! I need to find a local buddy who want’s to do an order here and save us some $ on the multi-deals. Is this kit a valid Christmas present for my wife? She loves the hats we picked up in Reno! :wink:


Do the bib shorts ride the bike for you?. Cant see my misses letting me spend that on a pair of shorts :joy:


For your wife, yes. Mileage may vary.

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Yep I saw the £867 pair of bib shorts too…

I wish live near your office to collect a mug and t-shirt and look around Trainerroad “Headquarters” :yum:

Ok Chelsea,

How to do I go about getting a test fit done with a Men’s Size XL Slim Fit?


Do you have any T-Shirts, especially in tech material that you can use on the trainer?

I’d buy some of those for sure.

Does the quality of the Jakroo skinsuit compare well to the Cuore? I’m only familiar with Castelli, which is very nice. Thanks.

We do not have t-shirts for sale.

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I’d say Cuore is a bit higher quality but it’s more expensive. I do think Jakroo is good quality though, Cuore is just really really good.

I have a thermal Jakroo skinsuit and I love to wear it.

I’m a similar build to Jonathan sans my extra 20 lbs. Jakroo says I should order a Small but I typically wear a Medium…oh the decisions.

Aside from being an awesome experience to which I received my TR shirt…it is by far the top t-shirt in my arsenal. It is SUPER comfy. I dread the day I have to retire it.

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@Jonathan which size are you wearing in this photo?

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I just found this on Jakroo’s website:

Sizing Recommendations

Not sure what size to order?

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Written by Alex C.
Updated over a week ago

Now that you have a fantastic design, now all you have to do is figure out what size to order. While we do have sizing charts listed on our website and on our product pages, we can also offer you a guaranteed sizing recommendation .

In doing so, by providing your measurements we can recommend a size for you to order. If you order the size that we offer to you and it does not fit, we can do a size exchange for you at no cost.

Please be sure to provide the following measurements:
Chest (at fullest part):
Waist (at hips):
Name of the Project/Design:
Name of the Product:
How you like the item to fit:

*Please be as accurate as possible with these measurements so we can recommend a size with confidence.

Contact us for a sizing recommendation!

This button will open your default email program. If you use a web browser for your email, please send the information to with the title “Sizing Recommendation”.


Save a mug and a T-shirt for next year! I’ll swing by during '19 Interbike! Or we can barter, patent consultation for swag! Lol.

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@Nate_Pearson , on the Cuore comparisons…Do the sizes compare the same between the 2 brands?

So I currently wear a Medium 2 in 1 Cuore kit.

I can send in the fitment info to Jackeroo but figured if you’ve worn both now, you would have some input.

Yes, I wear the same sizes between brands.

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