TrainerRoad GET Fast Mugs

Second that, a mug would be great.

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lol TR contraband

Could just have the words “TR Fuel” on it

I think TR has made i clearer that opening a swag store would be a distraction. The good news is that we are living in THE FUTURE. You can order custom mugs or nearly any other product with a couple of mouse clicks. For example, Amazon has a Photos section. You can “Order Prints”, but prints can be calendars, coffee mugs, tree ornaments, etc. Etsy has a sorts of custom product makers. CustomInk does custom shirts.

Over the years I ordered all sorts of one off or small run items - mugs, t shirts (Tri Sherpa - All Gear, No Glory), laser engraved cell phone cases, cycling jerseys, etc.

It is amazing how easy it is to get small run, custom work today.


Never have I been so inspired by a coffee mug. May need to custom order one myself from Yeti sometime… Here’s a link to Yeti’s custom shop, looks like the 14oz Rambler.

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I really like TR Get Fast mugs and bidons.

I guess after reading this thread, I can only concentrate on getting faster. :joy: