TrainerRoad CEO Communication

I can only speak for me, but the whining and kvetching I’m doing is more about wanting the new tool, not about the timing or content of the messages. This is all on me…so keep the updates coming!

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Stay as you are :+1: One of the reasons I keep my subscription active is because of how much you share - for our benefit.

People will always always complain if they’re not getting something that somebody else is. And people will always complain if they have to wait for something. But I’d rather know a vague roadmap.

Was actually thinking this about Strava a few days ago, wish they would share what they are up to, platform development feels dead otherwise.


I’m happy with the product.

Your also doing it in a quality fashion and standing up for the right things. Overall a business I’m happy to support

Thanks everyone! When people complain I’ll just link them to this poll :smiley:.


I agree about the need for the beta to work out bugs. But I then listened to a 2 hour podcast about how great AT was and how horrible it was when it was turned off for a while and you had to do things the old way.

I would have rather heard about what you were working on in terms of general goals and features and that it was being internally tested and would be available to most users in about X months barring unexpected problems.

As it is now, I have TrainNow which showed up one day without any explanation but none of the other cool features. I think it is a case of too much hype too soon. I think that you could have explained TrainNow without even mentioning how any of it worked or the other features that we don’t have yet.

Group Workouts was a better example in my book- basically everyone heard about it and got access to it with days of each other. Despite listening to the whole podcast I still have no idea if AT is days, weeks, or months away for me.


@Nate_Pearson keep on!!! Don’t let the complainers get at ya. Focus on what you can effect and let go of what you can’t. Whiners are going to whine.

The amount of questions has become too much to keep up with. Give us one point in the forum your team can provide information as you learn and progress. Lock it out so it doesn’t get bogged down by mountains of comments. I just want the meat from a trusted source.


My screen name classof42 reveals my birth year. I gotta be in the vanguard of your most “chronologically mature” subscribers. Keep doing what you do so I can keep doing what I do. Pursue the objectives you had in mind the day you put pencil to paper and gave form to the initial dream. Do it in your way at your pace. I’m not a frequent poster given the temptation to counsel (obviously without invitation) the precious snowflakes who think the universe will adjust for them when they encounter the slightest inconvenience or are disappointed when not receiving some imagined entitlement. (ok, ok, get a grip old guy, you’re almost there!!) You and your team are inventing something from the ground up. (Name one other provider offering (or even considering??) AI/ML supported conditioning programs.) Anyone who has stretched themselves in any endeavor realizes progress is always iterative, often two steps forward and one step back. All this a lot easier for me to say, of course, than it is for you or anyone on your staff to say. But, just sayin’…

(I see the younger set often discussing favorite headbanger music tracks for intervals. Don’t recognize most of them. Given my stage in life, I lean toward “Stayin’ Alive” by the BeeGees. I’m guessing AT will be able to work with that.)


Funny that’s the song they recommend to sing while doing CPR. Hope ML and @Nate_Pearson evil mind doesn’t make my wife sing it.


While you’re at it :wink:…maybe you could outline a bit on the priorities of master plan vs run/swim import vs better group workout integration.

Is there an order or all being worked on in parallel? Or what do you think will ship in which order?

Any Thing #3 vision in your head (besides all the things falling off the AT tree)?

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:point_up_2::point_up_2: (from another thread)

Maybe you can elaborate (on a podcast) how you keep track with the forum and what your forum workflow is?
To me it seems that you dedicate specific time for it and value it as some core business part. I like that.


Nate. Keep it up. I appreciate your willingness to share TR updates with us. There will always be naysayers who are usually louder than those of us who appreciate your honesty and integrity.

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I really like the way Trainerroad handles itself publicly. The open and honest communication about what features are important to TR and why those features are important is pretty refreshing. I also like that TR isn’t afraid to tell their users what features aren’t considered important and why they think that way.

I also don’t understand any hate for announcing an upcoming feature or product. Seems like a pretty standard practice across a wide range of businesses. If you were happy with TR a week ago, why would you be unhappy to know that more features are coming in the future?


Keep being Nate :smiley: and putting it out there is my vote :white_check_mark:


I like the product as it is, hearing about upcoming features is just the icing on the cake for me. BTW Group Workouts was a fantastic “early” release (Brother across the country and didn’t see him for a year… weekly rides and catch up provided just a bit a normality in 2020). Looking forward to next release.

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Keep doing what you are doing, it is what got you where you are today and it gives everyone insight into what is going on and how you are constantly striving to improve the product. The fact that you read comments and are looking to improve communications is refreshing. There are other software companies out there that just keep plowing forward with whatever even if their user base is requesting other features and then dismiss them as a small minority.

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Keep it real. Y’all are doing a great job, and I appreciate the authenticity that comes out on the podcast and the culture you’ve created. You already know what you can and can’t share, so do what feels right based on the situation.

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Don’t you mean features that are coming “zoon”? :wink:


Where did I put that darn sweater? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a PL/SQL & Perl guy and I hate being asked for hard dates. Priorities change, estimates are often based on superficial knowledge of the request, plus I’m an optimist (yeah, I can rewrite that GL app and have it you next week, it’s just entries in a table). I say stay the course let us know in broad strokes what you are working on. I’m anxious to see AT but this kinda project is hard stuff.

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Thank you again for sticking to you “Locked in” pledge to members who stay subscribed. That has serious value to me. I will never ever ever cancel because I know you continue to add value to the product, which I keep getting more for my money. IMO - you’ll retain more customers this way in the long run.