Single Day Time-off - more robust AT treatment

I had a single day away planned and used the annotation feature to mark it off when building/modifying my plan builder plan.
Adaptive Training (AT), then adapted my plan and just deleted that workout on that day.

Now, I’m on Specialty Century Mid and it was a Saturday workout. It was one of three intense workouts (Tue, Thur, Sat), with Friday (switched for Wednesday in my schedule) and Sunday being easier Endurance workouts (unusual - often Sunday would be a Sweet Spot or longer Endurance. So, in effect I lost one of my harder workouts and kept the easier ones.

So, in some circumstances, the nature of the single day off may necessitate easier workouts around it. However, sometimes it’s just an easy day doing other stuff. I would really like some form of control or option to pick how AT treats this - to allow me to pull/push my Friday and Sunday workouts to better maintain the overall plan progression.

So, my request is for one of probably these things:

  1. AT notifies me of what it’s doing and give me an option to push/pull the other workouts surrounding and delete another workout.
  2. AT makes a note of the original workout somewhere, adapts it for Progression Levels (PL) as if it was still there and then later gives an option in that week to swap in that workout for another manually.
  3. AT is developed to more holistically consider the week’s overall goals and re-configure the whole week. This would require AT to be using some kind of hierachy of needs on the week - intensity, volume, stress, recovery within the overall plan progression so as to shuffle intelligently. We don’t know to what level it currently considers these factors, or whether it is more simply adjusting a stock plan based on PLs - raising and lowering the tide.

In the meantime, I think there are two workarounds:

  1. Only add in single days of time off after building a plan. Take a note of the workout and swap it back in manually. Limitation: Every time I make any changes to plan builder, I think I’ll lose the swap. With enough days off, this could get tedious.
  2. Delete out my single days, allow AT to play and take a note of the workout that gets put in. Add the single day back and then adjust the workouts surrounding it manually. This could be done on a rolling basis as I get to the week in question.

This isn’t hard to do, but I have a dream of AT being a little more subtle with this feature.

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Thanks for the detailed notes on this!
There are future plans to make Time Off Annotations more sophisticated within the scope of AT, and will keep your suggestions in mind as we do so. :metal:

thanks Ivy.

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@foldingbikebass FWIW, I use Annotations to note all sorts of things, including business travel and events I may do, but I never select them as days off or enter them as races since my schedule often changes and, like you, AT has not made the choices I would have to adjust my schedule.

For travel and other short durations off, I just slide the workouts left or right as my schedule allows.

For events I may do, I just leave the workout on the calendar. If I do the event then I’ll find a workout that closely resembles the work I did and associate the two, then delete the planned workout and let AT do its thing.

This gets more complicated for longer time off such as a vacation, but in my experience AT handles this much better and I generally trust it’s adjustments.

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