Trainer question


I am new to cycling and wanna train inside to Start.
I am trying to setup btwin inride 100 from Decathlon with speed and cadence sensor but my power readings are very low.
How can i make it work?
I Turner on virtual power already.


Do you have the correct wheel size entered in the TrainerRoad app?

Its set same as my Garmin with 2079mm not sure if its correct.
Its a MTB with 27,5x1.40 trainer tyre.

That seems correct to me.

  • Can you explain a bit more on this?
  • What power are you getting in the app, and what do you think it should be?

That’s a magnetic trainer and it’s not supported directly, but…

I would also suggest opening a support ticket.


Thanks Will do because if i choose another trainer power readings also vary alot.

Virtual Power uses the speed (which is why wheel size matters) and it’s power is estimated on a power curve. In the case of a magnetic trainer, it’s just a slope. So you have to pick one that you think is reasonable, since your trainer is not listed as being supported.

The numbers won’t be accurate, as long as you know that, it’s OK. It’s just a reference point for training. Since you’re new to cycling, I wouldn’t expect your power numbers to be high. Most people are surprised how low their numbers actually are when they use a real power meter.

Edit: BTW, how tight you set your wheel to the roller is going to affect your “power” numbers also. So, you need to make sure you do it as consistently as possible or the numbers will be all over the place, day to day.

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