Trainer Day app vs TR

Is Trainer Day app simply a copy of TR but fraction of cost? The graphics are very similar workouts next to identical even many of the names of the workouts are same. There’s sth similar to TrainNow even within the app…

I’m using TrainerDay as my workout player (and love it), but I’m not using the Coach Jack plans. When I played with it a bit, I found the workouts to be overly complicated and not apply the “can you put the instructions on your top tube” rule. I never saw any rides with the same names as TR workouts, but I didn’t look very hard either.

From what I’ve seen of TD, it does seem to copy a bit of what it has from other training apps, much of which DOES seem eerily similar to TR, though I suppose to a degree, many apps probably do share similarities.

I can’t speak to TD vs TR workouts either, but I did receive an email from TD at one point earlier this year that displayed a workout that WAS an exact copy of a workout I had seen/done in Wahoo Systm… TD even went so far as to use the exact same name.

I haven’t used Trainer Day, but I do have an account and have looked through the workout list. There are a lot of workouts that are copied from TrainerRoad, down to keeping the same name. I don’t know if Trainer Day created these, or if users did. But IMHO either way this is really bad form.

On the workout library, I really think Trainer Day could improve upon TR by intentionally creating workouts that progress specific levels - e.g., a set of workouts that progress Sweet Spot TiZ, a set that progress VO2 max, etc. This is the one area for workouts where I think TR has fallen down: instead of progressing TiZ for sweet spot (for example) it uses intensity for the progression. Especially with the new Plan Builder where you can set how much time you have to train on specific days, it feels like TR could move to extending TiZ instead of keeping workout time constant and progressing intensity.


Vast majority of workouts you see are created by users and shared. So there is bound to be users who have used other platforms and recreated in Trainerday.

There is nothing special about single workouts, it’s not the commercial value of these companies. If it was just a case of, do this workout repeatedly and you’ll soon be winning the TDF, it’d be easy.


I have a couple of friends who pay $300 AUD a month for coaching and their coach regularly prescribes TR workouts by their original name.

I thought that was bad form unless they had a commercial arrangement with TR, but when i asked TR about it, they said no such arrangements exist. The essence of the reply was they didn’t really care and had no interest in knowing more. TR is much more than individual workouts.

So the point of the story is that users replicating some workouts on TD, will be of no concern to TR, and is no longer a concern for me!

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Re the TD workout player, i find it way more flexible than TR’s, with some cool features like

  • Merging workouts mid ride

  • HR target control of workouts

  • Mixed mode workouts (HR, slope, power)

  • Workouts go through TP to Zwift and the like

  • The ability to build your workout on the fly using blocks you have created rather than merging full workouts.

  • A very flexible and responsive development approach, but staying true to Alex’s goals. Things get done.

Is it a cheaper version of TR? I don’t think so and there are many elements of TR they don’t have. Nor do i think think they are trying to be that.

My needs have changed since a major health event 5 months ago, and it seems a better fit for me at least for now, If i was still racing hard and trying to be my very best performance wise, my preference might be different.