Trainer calibration dependent on rider weight?

Just curious, this is actually zwift related, I let my 9 y/o ride his bike on my Hammer on zwift and he gets a lot of zero power/cadence readings. I’ve hypothesized it has to do with his pedaling and applying pressure to the pedals. Is trainer calibration dependent on a rider’s weight? I wouldn’t have thought so, but the thought has come to mind. I’m sure someone around here knows!

  • Absolutely not.
  • The Hammer calibration is a “Spin Down” coasting from a specified speed range (around 23mph? IIRC) to a lower speed. The calibration measures the time it takes to drop between the top and bottom speed, and then sets the power curve based on that data.
  • At no point does rider weight matter or influence the calibration.

Power and cadence drops can happen for a variety of reasons, but weight is not one of them.

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I didn’t think so, but someone on a zwift forum suggested that and it didn’t seem right for the reasons you describe

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