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I have a changing schedule so I use the Train Now feature quite a bit to decide my workouts.

Today, I was offered a climbing (threshold) session with a TSS of 125 that was also categorised as productive, but yet an attacking session with less TSS (109) is categorised as a stretch.
Is this because I am less trained my VO2max energy systems are less well trained than my Threshold energy systems?



I would guess yes. The Threshold workout is far less of a leap than the VO2 one.

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No. Per TrainerRoad there is no sort of connection between the different system scales (1.0-10). Also not all TSS is equal so there is no reason to compare them.

All the stretch workout is saying is that based on your recent training history it believes you are capable of completing it. Nothing more, nothing less.


Thanks for the reply, so are you saying there’s no difference between those tags and productive and stretch both just mean I can complete them?

This article explains the difficulty levels

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No, he means you can’t compare workouts with different target zones.

Generally yes, but it’s about the levels, not the TSS. Your personal Threshold level (based on your recent training) is 6.6, so TR thinks a Threshold 7.4 like Bucket Rock should be “hard but doable”. Your personal VO2 Max level is 5.8, so TR thinks a VO2 Max 7.2 like Kaiser +4 might be doable but it’d be a stretch.


Cool thanks for that, that makes total sense!

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Generally the following holds:

Achievable == Workout Level (WL) of the proposed workout <= your current Progression Level (PL) in that target zone
Productive == WL - PL is between 0.1 and 1.0
Stretch == WL - PL is between 1.1 and 2.0
Breakthrough == WL - PL is greater than 2.0

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