TR Power Meter Calibration Question

Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find a clear answer in the forum.

Before I start my workout I calibrate my Vector 3 pedals to “0” offset. While I’m off the bike I will wake up the pedals and hit “calibrate” in TR. Invariably I will get a + or - offset, so I will hit “calibrate” again until I hit “0” offset.

Is this an acceptable practice? Or should I be pedaling with whatever offset I get on the first calibration?

Generally, all you need to do is run the calibration once, maybe twice. It is more correctly called a “Zero Offset” and is effectively like taring a weight scale.

You simply need to run the operation at the start of the workout with no load on the pedals. I prefer to be off the bike to guarantee no input on them.

Additionally, I heard DC Rainmaker (Ray Maker) say he runs a the Z.O. until he hits the same number two times. It is an attempt to make certain that he doesn’t have some gremlin that will lead to corrupt data.

As quick as that is, I think it’s a fine idea. But as long as the returned values are very close, I don’t see a problem. There is potential for subtle variation due to the nature and sensitivity of the power meter and it’s strain gauge(s).

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