TR Price Increase to $189.95/year ($19.95/month)

I have been a massive doofus and completely misread my bank statements about this. I’m on the right tariff. I blame all the training I’ve been doing.

FWIW, when I had ‘complain to TR’ on my to-do list, one of the reasons it fell down my list was that it’s really good value for me, even at a higher price.

I do think that quietly increasing the price without much indication feels like an un-TR thing to do though.

With the newish TP Garmin IQ app you can automatically sync your planned workout onto your head unit and control it from there. The experience won’t be as good as TR, but it’s good enough. Not to mention, if you want to pay a bit more you can sync them right to Zwift. It costs more, but you get all of those social elements. I think Nate et al. missed the mark on valuing their product. The alternative to TrainerRoad isn’t hiring an expensive coach. It’s working with existing apps (that a lot of us already use in parallel) to create a less convenient, but acceptable experience. TR is really good value at $99, but personally $190 is too high.


I don’t like making promises I can’t keep. Let’s say I retire in 20 years and I no longer had control over the company.

Someday I’ll die and lose all control despite my best efforts.

These are situations where I wouldn’t be able to honor grandfathered pricing. If I promise that as long as I’m “in control of TR”, then I can keep that promise.


Strava has long become the FaceBook of endurance athletes. Despite me paying I still get shelled with ads and the perennial joke is that Strava never adds any features (which is deserved, they don’t even seem to be motivated to fix long-standing bugs).

TR is very different here: TrainerRoad is loved by many of its users rather than just “tolerated”.


It’s always refreshing to hear someone in your position looking at your company as a lifelong commitment.
Keep up the great work with TR. That goes for the rest of the TR crew as well.

I’ve got no issue with the price increase. I didn’t even know about the previous increase.
If I decide to take some time off and let my $99 subscription lapse I’ll probably just fire it back up for 28 weeks at a time when needed. $140 seems reasonable enough in the scheme of things.

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I would even say that the promise to grandfather in everyone permanently is problematic: the 46 % price hike may not translate to a large increase in revenue (as only new members would have to pay for the higher price, coupling that to TrainerRoad’s user base growth). If everyone had had to pay more, a more moderate increase could lead to the same, and more predictable growth in revenue, since the revenue increase is shouldered by a broader base.

Plus, now @Nate_Pearson has boxed himself in, and if he changes his mind (perhaps because he is forced to business-wise), that’ll cause an outrage. For the record, I think it is perfectly fine to increase prices within reason every year. I don’t expect to pay the same for things in 5 years that I pay now.


TR Figuring out a way to test FTP without having to do 8x2 or 20x1 is worth the TR annual fee for me :slight_smile:

All kidding aside, this thread honestly makes me sick. If you don’t see the value, then stop paying, read a book, and build your own plans. Its that simple.

Demanding to know what the vision is?, Why you weren’t alerted about a private business’s pricing strategy, Asking how many people are grandfathered in, if/when Nate is selling, telling them they are missing the mark, complaining that they are getting too rich (Tesla, new bikes, sauna). It’s none of any of our business what they do with their company. This is a US company, we are a capitalist society, we are (or should be) all out to make money. This isn’t a non-profit. If they can raise their prices, they should…to the point where the marginal new sub growth * new price > old sub growth rate * old price.

Personally, I’m happy to support TR and happy to see and hear the company employees have lucrative jobs (new bikes, trips, Chad buying house) from their creation. Its the American dream and they have created a good product. If you don’t think so, move on to something else to criticize.


I’m confused by the reaction to grandfathering prices. Maybe it’s my age and location, but this is a really common practice for me.
It’s really common with gym memberships in Aus for example. I have loads of friends who have gym memberships from over a decade ago that are still on the same price.
It’s not uncommon for someone in that position to take whole years off and keep up the membership. That’s a win for the business as they don’t cost the gym any more than basic admin.

Even my credit card is on a fixed yearly fee which was 1/4 of the full cost at the time. That was a decade ago and I’m still getting loads of perks every year.

I understand how it can seem unfair. To me it’s always been a loyalty perk. Not expected, but nice when it happens.
All too often new customers receive discounted introductory pricing while the loyal customers pick up the tab.


Certainly we can agree to disagree. At the cost of a few dollars a month, you don’t have to worry about app partner integration and running workouts from your head unit in resistance mode. It is what it is… One other thing that I think is overlooked a little bit is the workout creator, which I haven’t used a whole lot because I’m running Chad’s plans right now, but even at the tail end of last season I made several key sessions for myself that I wanted to do on the trainer, and executed them well. It took me less than five minutes to take the workouts I’d programmed for myself (in TrainingPeaks) and make them work on my smart trainer.

Maybe someone else has that capability too, but that’s a marked improvement over running workouts off your head unit IMO. I admit I could be overestimating that.

I cannot think of a single service I subscribe to that grandfather’s prices — apart from TrainerRoad. A few have allowed to grandfather some conditions, though. Overall, I think the promise to grandfather plans in perpetuity is not a good idea business-wise. Inflation is a thing and you will have a harder and harder time to raise more money if you need to. Especially if the services offered expand, I think it is fair to raise prices on existing members. Right now I am paying for TR and TP, so once TR’s more advanced analytics features come online, I will hopefully be able to cancel my TP subscription.

You could still reward loyalty one way or another, e. g. keep long-time subscribers at the previous price level (in this case $130 instead of $190).


We’re going to let users lock in to the old price for one week like we’ve done before.

More details on that here: Lock into old pricing for one week


Strava has me on a similar pricing structure. I signed up to Premium to try out live segments and the beacon feature.
If I decide to upgrade to the new Summit next renewal and chose all three packs to get the same features I’d be paying around $10 USD more per year.

If it isn’t on Strava it never happened. Right? ;).

Edit: It wasn’t easy to find out the difference in price in the above example as the pricing structure isn’t very transparent. It turns out Strava is overcharging me for my loyalty as the local pricing has come down. Nice. I’ll just shoot the CEO a PM and ask them to sort it out.


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So I stand corrected (as a Strava Premium subscriber who just couldn’t decide between the new “packages”). Nevertheless, I would say that the situation there is slightly different: we are grandfathered in an old “plan” that has different terms than the new one.

As someone who wants services and products he loves to thrive (to ensure that the business side is healthy), I don’t think grandfathering to the current degree is wise or warranted. I certainly don’t have that expectation.

Strava, you never cease to amaze me. I’m always tempted to go back to a non-premium account. I really dislike the way Strava handles its community and the lack of new features. Even simple things (like changing defaults to enable existing features to e. g. ensure the privacy of its members) are not implemented. Ugh.

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I am glad I get to be grandfathered in, and I read the forums and found out about the price increase. From someone who has had multiple coaches over the past 5 years, and will still have 1-1 coaching when leading to a Nationals event. TR has provided me structure at home on the trainer and a new way of looking at training. Plus we get SOOOO much information in a Podcast. I listed to @Nate_Pearson @chad when I’m on the trainer, not only for the training information, but tactics and nutrition. For the price you get more information and access than you would through a coach at a similar price point. I feel if your using TR, this is a generalisation, you want to compete and be fast, or be the best cyclist you can be. There is a lot more to TR than Zwift, I feel they are two different platforms for differing users.

FYI, I am NOT Coach Chad Timmerman. His tag on here is @ chad (without the space, because I didn’t want to tag him unnecessarily).

I’m just the resident forum ratt (non-TR employee) that helps in forum maintenance.


Edited thanks bud.

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You should read this -

I would easily accept that price - 1 scheme. Over the years I stopped my subscription and came back with a higher price until I’ve decided to pay for the yearly fee and it does feel like a steal.

The product has greatly improved in the last year with calendar and now the whole effort of making the outdoor rides available. I’d much rather support that, making sure I will have a constantly evolving platform than being stuck with the old version I paid for.

@Nate_Pearson, if you ever solve the grandfathering by splitting to a “Classic vs New” model, count me in the new platform. Good job!

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Honest question, where are you getting shelled with ads on Strava? I don’t really see any on mine via a web browser or the app. I looked and I just don’t see any.

The rest I would agree with you about. Paying for Strava adds a pretty minimal amount of features right now.