TR has it covered! -- Fisher Price

Just read @dcrainmaker’s review of the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Trainer. I was cracking up. Had to bite my tongue to not attract attention here at work when Ray revealed TR had support already installed!

I would order one today if I thought my son would use it for even 6 months. (He is getting a little big for it).

Had to share. Send a huge round of applause out to the TR team for being on top of such things.

… shaking my head, wondering what is coming around the corner.


So. Awesome.

Totally made my day.


Pretty cool.

Toddlers sleep 12+ hours a day so they should probably take advantage of the High Volume plans.


lol awesome, I got an elite qubo fluid trainer for $20 to see if my son would do zwift on his 20" wheel bike but he hasn’t taken to it (or riding bikes period). I envy you all whose kids are excited to ride, I remain the only bike enthusiast in the household! lol


So Coach Chad is flexing by telling us how much he reads on the trainer :muscle: :grinning:

and now we’ve got kids learning about numbers etc thanks to Fisher Price

I think the kids are outflexing Chad! :grinning: :grinning:


:brain: :muscle:t3:


I think every TR user that read that review must have opened the TR app, gone to virtual power settings assuming that it was some sort of hoax and been amazed to find Fisher Price listed as a trainer manufacturer :joy:

Totally made my day. Had to explain to my wife what I was laughing at. Nice work TR


I had the same issue when my son was little, many forced rally’s and bike rides instead of mom’s day gifts. Now I have a 21 year old that rides with me and says I am his best riding partner. I won the coolest mom award when I went down a drop his dad didn’t do. Hang in there, he will catch on later.


“ After all, I can’t have my daughters merely knowing how to read and do math equations. We need structured Ironman season-long training plans at age 2 and 3.”

Best review…ever.

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Yep, I had to check it out. I totally assumed it was some kind of joke.

Well worth the read - so funny!

And a friend just got the assioma Uno’s for $339 sale thanks to the link in the article!


In the next podcast, I’d love to hear the story behind including Fisher Price in TR’s list of supported trainers.


I really want to remake that Peloton ad with one of these: "Honey, look what Santa brought you!"