TR for health and fitness riders?

I’m 66 years, new on TR but have exercised with bicycle more then 30 years and paticipate in many 300 km events, but I have never raced and I have no intend to do it.

When I read forum posts and listen to the pod, I get the impression much is about racing. Seldom is anything specifically said about cycling for fitness and health.

Maybe I’m in wrong place.

Is TR’s misson to help (young?) people to be better racers or help people of different ages get better fitness and good health?


I’d say that TRs primary goal is to make people (of all ages!) faster cyclists.

That said you can absolutely use TR to help with general fitness and health - I’d be interested to see the stats on how many people who use TR do actually race, my guess would be less than 50%

Nobody here should feel that they are in the wrong place but I suppose there is a difference in mission compared to something like Peloton. Peloton is cycling for fitness where TR is more fitness for cycling.

Use whatever platform you like more but I wouldn’t let TRs race orientation put you off.


You can absolutely use TR just to stay fit and get faster on the bike, or target goals like weight loss etc.

Perhaps you might stick to the base and build plans rather than specialty which do tend to target race fitness rather than general fitness.

Or if you try Plan Builder, you can say “I’m not training for an event” and then leave the “target discipline or goal” field blank (or in your case maybe put in Gran Fondo if you do long events?).

I’m convinced that they addressed this exact issue on the podcast at some point, but struggling to find the episode.

However ultimately, just because the plan says “rolling road race” or whatever, it’s still going to be great for general fitness. Certainly better than Peloton anyway!



Welcome to the forum and to TR. I agree with you. I’m 55, don’t race and have been a TR user for a couple of years. We’ve been promised plans and features suitable for over 50’s for quite some time now but as of yet we’re still waiting.


for the 1 or 2 races I do a year, I wouldn’t say race performance is my main goal with TR, I do like something to work towards, that’s why I put A events on the calendar. But the main goal is just to stay fit and see progress for myself. It’s just nice to go for a fast MTB ride and not get home wrecked :slight_smile:

Likewise I race maybe twice a year (no point always being last) but I do like to get faster/fitter and this works for me.

I Just do more base build plans.

I don’t race. My events (that didn’t happen in 2019) were Gravel Grinders (completing not racing), Audax and Sportives. I do want to get faster, even for club spins.

I may dip into racing in 2020, but that’s more COVID practicalities of planning anything else. I’ve enjoyed some Zwift racing, but my logic is racing, and local racing, more likely to go ahead with Restrictions.

I don’t race and don’t intend to but at 54 (almost 55) I intend to stay fit enough to do some long adventures, club runs and days out on the MTB without getting home wrecked at the end of it. TR helps me achieve that and has helped me get much quicker and enjoy the passtime/sport more as I have more of the fitness needed to enjoy each ride (rather than just hanging on) and have seen the benefits.
You may find that the plan helps you with the 300 km events you do by touching up energy systems and so on though depends what you’re trying to achieve…
It’s also one of the most supportive forums on the web that I’ve ever seen and friendliest.


Plenty of non-racers on TR.

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You don’t need to do TR workouts for health & fitness. Doing as much Z2/Endurance riding as you can will keep you healthy. Sounds like you’re already fit enough to enjoy the riding you are currently doing, so keep doing what you’re doing! :smile:


TR will help you get fitter. Makes those long rides “easier” and allows you to do more.

I don’t race either - or not seriously, I just participate to be part of an event and test myself.

But having built my fitness, a 100 mile MTB ride or 150 mile gravel ride are things I look forward to because I know there are within my ability.

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Even if your goal is not performance, you can gain a lot from this forum and the podcasts. But I dont think you need the app (sorry TR) for health and fitness.

TR is aware that performance and health dont always go hand in hand, but there’s no getting away from the mission statement: to get faster.

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People’s goals around here are all over the map. Some do sanctioned racing, some fondos, some centuries, and some want to perform on the group ride every Sunday. Some do it all.

The bottom line is that if you want to take your fitness to the next level, you can use the concepts of intervals and progressive overload (aka structured training) to get faster. One can do that by reading books and designing a training plan (or buying a training plan) or one can do it with trainer road.


X2 for Z2! I am still interested in going fast, but also training for health long term. For me, this is going to look like lots of Zone 2, sprinkled with a little fast stuff, strength training (to hit Coach Chad’s benchmarks), and corrective exercises from a PT.

I think the MV and HV Traditional Base II and III look good, I may put these on repeat for a while.

You know it’s healthy when the same training is prescribed to heart patients. :+1:t2:

I’m 58, never raced, don’t do events, and I’ve been training in my basement for decades (that sounds just like an AA meeting presentation somehow). I train to be in shape, to ride better in the summer, and to eat more. I like using structured training rather than sticking to tons of Z2 because a) it’s a lot less boring, b) it covers a wider range of power and cadence, and c) it translates better into my summer riding (mostly solo rides). I did without TR for years, but found it fitted my needs best along the 4-5 apps I trialed after buying my first “modern” smart trainer a couple of years ago.

I do base during the winter, then build in the spring. I rarely touch the trainer in the summer and early fall.


Age 60 here. No intention to race but lots of good information here and on the podcast. I find the programs good to follow as a base but I tend to get hurt/sick if I just follow anything higher then a low volume plan. I have learned to tweak the plans and add in extra rides and insert recovery periods whenever I find I am getting run down. I think the plans are well thought out but they need adjusting for those who are aging.


The more fit and the faster I am, the funner cycling is, whether it’s a race, a group ride (which is just an unofficial race really), or riding solo. I think that’s true for most people, and TR will make you fitter and faster if you stay consistent with it.


I think we all “race”, maybe not in an official event, but every time we get passed or ride with a mate / group. I have found TR has improved my overall bike fitness just by providing structure on solo rides and basically stopping me from doing endurance or tempo rides every session.


I’m 69. I have no interest in racing. I’m using TrainerRoad to get stronger so my group rides will be more enjoyable, i.e. less taxing. I also believe that structured training that includes a couple of high intensity intervals/week will help me age more gracefully.