TR connected to my PM but not reading power but still did the WO

So I had trouble getting my Rotor PM to connect to TR. When I finally did it was not reading/displying power for the workout. So I let the WO run using TR but managed my effort using the head unit which was picking up and displaying power. Is TR Program smart enough to recognize that the workout that was uploaded from my head unit was the TR WO (Grassy Ridge -3)?

Hey there! As long as your head unit has all the data you wanted to be recorded, you should be covered. This TR Support article goes over the steps you’ll need to know.

In the future, we’d recommend using the TR app on its own for Indoor Workouts if that’s possible. The TR app acts as a “head unit/bike computer” itself, so recording with another head unit/bike computer simultaneously creates connectivity competition among your devices, which may explain why you had trouble connecting your power meter to the TR app in the first place.

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