TR at Tour of America's Dairyland (TOAD) in June?

I recall Nate talked about TOAD on a podcast. Wonder if any of the podcast regulars will be there, either representing TR or a trade team (Pete/CliffBar)? I’m not racing but would love to say hi (and pick up otherwise unobtainium swag:)) if they’ll be in WI.

Seems like they were planning on it, but Nate and Pete’s fitness might not be up to par. Hopefully they will try it in the future, I’d also love to be able to meet them. Side note, is TOAD similar to the Intelligencia crit series? Or are they road races? I might have to try it in 2022.

Not familar with Intelligencia. TOAD is primarily crits; they have had one or two road stages historically. It is a semi-reincarnation of Superweek/Lowenbrau .