Changing My Plan...Going To Race ToAD!

Super stoked! Working out the details but, hopefully I can race the first 5 or 6! Will be racing masters and/or cat 2. So, anyone familiar with the towns and/or courses below post up. Not looking for anything specific; maybe good eats, watch out for that corner; this team is flying; or perhaps you’re racing as well!

  • June 20 Kenosha
  • June 21 East Troy
  • June 22 Grafton
  • June 23 Waukesha
  • June 24 West Bend
  • June 25 Janesville

Cat 2 here :raising_hand_man:

I’m planning on going to a few of the ToAD races I believe. More than likely the weekend ones, and chances are I’ll be racing the P1/2 field.

Don’t have a ton of info on them, but it’s a great series. A lot of the Chicago teams (mine included) come up for the races with their big hitters, and it’s a pretty well known series that a lot of racers from all over come for, so be prepared for hefty competition.

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They re-did classing this year, reduced the offerings for Masters and more offerings for cat 2s and 3s. Make sure you check the schedule!

I’ve raced the first 4 days and the last 4 days and the courses are all pretty good though pavement quality at Kenosha and East Troy has been tricky past couple years. East Troy course is different this year; regular oval whereas last several years have had a few extra corners. Grafton is pretty wide open, though final corner is at the bottom of a very long descent and can be sketchy. I’ve seen many crashes there. Waukesha is also fairly wide open except corner 1 because the road kind of bottlenecks down and the corner is real tight and the street is narrow before and after the corner.

Didn’t hit any restaurants in Kenosha or Grafton so cant make any suggestions there. East Troy has a brand new brewpub that’s right near the second to last corner; cool place. In Waukesha I’d recommend Magellan’s for pizza and beer. There’s also Peoples Park, which is a bar/restaurant that’s pretty good. Both are on the finishing straightaway.

Having done races in the series for the couple years, all the venues do a really good job of catering to the crowds and racers. Lots of food/drink vendors and there are bars and restaurants typically along the courses (except for Muskego which seems to have been a last minute alternate this year; curious to see what they do there). The last 4 venues are the biggest and the host cities really draw great crowds due to lots of food/drink offerings. However, you really can’t go wrong at any of them. The events are professionally run, very competitive, payouts are deep for all classes. They also upped the ante this year by extending the spring point competition across all 11 days.

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Good info thanks! I signed up for the first 6 and am guest riding for another team for masters. But…I may double up a few days (P1/2 or 2/3) depending on registration numbers…super stoked to get out of here and race some different people and venues!