Tour Divide 2023

Starts at ~8am this Friday 9 June 2023. 4,400km / 2,734 miles from Canada to Mexico (or vice versa).

For those who are interested in dot watching: Tour Divide 2023 Tracking -

Many seasoned TD riders as well as a few fresh faces this year. Riders to watch:

  • Lael Wilcox
  • Alex Howes
  • Ted King
  • Alexandera Houchin
  • Sarah Swallow
  • Ulrich Bartholmoes

Don’t forget John & Mira dog packing the race!


I didn’t realise they were doing the Divide! Looking forward to the joy they’ll bring to the race! New FKT for dogpacking the TD?! :wink: :dog:

Almost 24 hours in and Ulrich Bartholmoes and Justinas Leveika are neck and neck at around 250 miles, closely followed by Chris Burkard, Jens Van Roost, and Alex Howes. Lael Wilcox is leading the women’s field at around 200 miles. Ted King was with the leading men up until Fernie, where he has opted for a hotel room (with bike wash facilities) for the night!

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Almost 2 days in and Ulrich Bartholmoes, Chris Burkard and Justinas Leveika lead the men’s field, all within 10 miles of one another at ~460mi. Lael Wilcox continues to lead the women’s field at ~400mi. Ulrich had his first rest about 42 hours into the race, but only rested for about 2 hours. Brutal!

No updates from John and Mira yet according to Josh Ibbett!

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Been following the TD 2023 Amazing!
This past weekend because I have NO life I decided to just see who were all the folks doing the TD. I did not find an easy list to get all the information quickly so I went name by name click by click and wow.

The youngest competer was 16 not sure if h is still in the race. Will update later.
The other thing found that could arguably be compared to the leaders amazing efforts or even more so is that there 15 yes 15 people over the age of 60 with oldest being 67 OMG. Now I think that warrants attention as well.

Hopefully Josh Ibbett will give them some coverage as well…Seems like we give more credit to the dog Mira then fellow humans who have maintained their fitness over the years.
Yes the dog story is a nice story BUT…

Guess what I found that no has my interest.
The age of the following contestants

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Really tight racing as we head into the 5th day! Jens Van Roost, Ulrich Bartholmoes, and Justinas Leveika have all just cross over the 1000mi mark and appear to be riding together in a group. All 3 are also opening up a gap on Mike Hall’s record from 2016, which means if they keep that pace up they’ll hit the Mexican border in less than 14 days - incredible, but still a long way to go. 4th place is currently 85 miles behind, so looks like it is their race to lose.

Lael Wilcox is still leading the women’s field at just over 900mi.

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Yeeeeeessssss!!! Loving the coverage and loving the dot watching. I even got to meet Hank M. In Columbia Falls, MT to hear about the first bit and give him some smiles/stoke to keep cranking it. What an awesome event! (…someday…) Thanks for the rad coverage @Nicholas :smiley:

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I would also add Rob Adams 67 years old 705mi. While I’m uber impressed with the leaders pushing over 1000mi so far…I’m equally impressed with a grandpa pushing 705mi so far :scream:

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Lachlan’s ride…


Perfect timing for today’s three hour indoor ride!