Topic list no longer on podcast

Might just be me but the topic list underneath the podcast is no longer showing. Is this on purpose. If so please bring it back as I really liked to see what topics where being discussed… thanks

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Where exactly are you looking?

The lists are her on the forum posts. They add links during the days after the cast to make access to each segment easy.

Ex. Heat Training Risks, Cramping, Losing Fitness and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 217

The one for Ep 219 is laid out, but not linked yet. They do the same linking on YouTube and Soundcloud the last I checked, with the same delay of a few days at least before getting them added.

Hi chad… podcast via Apple… they used to give a comprehensive list. Now just a brief summary.

Just the most recent episode, or does it carry back a way?

211 for me

The summary style shows up on mine too. My guess is that to get the episode up quickly, they post the episode with that summary and the RSS feed updates the podcatchers with that. Then when they update the post later, it doesn’t send any information to those platforms to update the listing. The only way to counteract that is by posting it with that topic list to begin with, I would imagine.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

We did not make any changes to the podcast descriptions. Although, it does seem that the descriptions have not been syncing to Apple Podcasts recently. So, you are not alone!

I am looking into this now, and we should have those back to working order very soon. :+1:


Thanks Tucker.
Awesome response as usual from TR

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