Top end trainer recommendation, Kickr Vs Saris H3

So the Kickr '20 is more expensive, but quieter, auto calibrates and has some lateral movement.

The Saris is £150 (uk price) cheaper and is supposedly better with Erg mode. I mostly use TR when on the turbo so a big plus. I think the flywheel is also slightly bigger on the H3 so more road like feel perhaps.

Anyone ridden both?

Alternatively it may come down to support in the UK, I have heard good things about Wahoo support, but not heard anything (good or bad) about Saris. Can anyone comment?

I’ve had the Kickr 18, which is similar to the 20 in terms of noise and feel. The bigger flywheel of the H3 is noticeable if you’re looking for it, and also when starting up and you’re in a bigger gear. It takes a bit more grunt to get up to speed, which would mean you’ll hear the inevitable belt creak on start (not a big deal).

I tend to like the physical construction of the Kickr more. I like the way the legs open and have more space. I do tend to step on or bump into the H3 legs. Don’t get me started about the Neo in that regard.

I would say that Wahoo support is the best in the industry, at least in the USA. Its definitely good to look at that aspect, because they all have problems.

Spend some time reading the support groups on Facebook. It’s a bit early for a full view of the Kickr20, but there might be enough out there to give you some thoughts.

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I had the H3, it made a horrible screeching noise from day 1, Saris weren’t great in the UK from a customer service perspective, just telling me to contact the UK distributor which is Raleigh.

They weren’t very interested either telling me to return it to the retailer, which I did… For a full refund.

I believe Wahoo customer service is fantastic and any issues you have will be resolved.

If I was buying a turbo today I’d get the Wahoo.

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This might help.