Saris H3 or Kickr / Kickr core?

My old Tacx flux has finally given up and wondering what to replace it with. I’m not particularly budget constrained but what I buy must demonstrate good value for money.
Ive seen the Saris H3 for £640, has anyone had one of these and also a kickr core to show the real world differences?
Also would it be worth the extra money to upgrade to the kickr v5?
Most of my riding is erg in TR but I do enjoy the occasional zwift race if that makes any difference.
For what it’s worth both are in stock locally at authorised dealers so stock and support are comparable.
Thanks in advance for any opinions and experiences you can share.

Here are a few existing threads in the same topic worth review.

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This is pretty easy
Kickr Core if you’re doing EGR / specific workouts

H3 if you’re a punchy athlete, as it ramps up to meet heavy demands more realistically, but doesn’t go from 400w to 100w as well.

The H3 is better for enjoying Zwift, as a non-controlled workout. The Core and regular Kickr use the computer controlled resistance more, so they take a second to respond, but calm down quicker.

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For a long time I resisted the idea of a Kickr Core. I had (still have) an Elite Driveo, Elite Real E-Motion rollers, Kreitlers, a Cyclops sometime, a Tacx something, etc. etc.

Last year when my Driveo started getting slightly too noisy I swallowed my resistance to the Wahoo brand and bought a Kickr Core. The only app I have is TrainerRoad, and I only use it with PowerMatch to my Quarq. Guess what? It’s as good as everyone says. Quiet. Solid. Dependable.