Too many power options

Because of my living situation, I have 2 kickrs and 2 bikes with different power meters (Shimano and power2max) .
What would be the best (and easiest) way to keep my training “consistant”. I’d like my power outdoors to match what I feel indoors but most important is that my indoor workouts are accurate from one house to the other.

Buy power meter pedals and transfer between bikes and then use power match. That’s the best way to keep everything consistent. Or determine you could determine the difference in power readings between the 2 on bike pms and adjust based on the differences

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Buying more power meters isn’t an option. 2 is plenty

How similar are your two power meters?

If they’re close enough to each other, I would pair one with each Kickr and set up “Control w/ ANT+ Power Meter” in the Wahoo app. That basically tells your Kickr to ignore its internal PM and use the one with the ANT+ ID you provide. That should give consistency both indoors and outdoors for at least one PM and both Kickrs.

Then I would do the same workout on 1 trainer with both bikes and then compare the power files to see how much the variation is between the 2 power meters. Hopefully they will be only similar if not then if you can adjust the scaling of a power meter adjust so it gets pretty close to the others. The. You can just use powermatch and remove the variable of the trainer

What would be te best way to get the pier files?

When I’ve done similar I’ve recorded on TR and another device (garmin, phone etc) then imported the files into golden cheetah and exported the power to a simple XLS sheet to compare. DC Rainmaker has a tool that does similar but isn’t free

Well if indoor consistency is most important why not just use the power from the kickrs? I suppose two Kickrs should read very similar. At least more so than two different powermeters :thinking:
you can maybe also record the power from the power meters on a separate headunit to see how much they compare to the kickrs for the outdoor fun.

Separate head unit is a good idea