Tire width list

Hi, if you were wondering how wide tires will inflate on a rim with a certain width, but didn’t want to spend a lot of time searching all over the internet, I have collected a list of tires and rims combination with real WAM in one excel table - https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhEutlGtetB0m6pfdsezHQdDvK8mxg?e=o7KMZm

If you’d like to contribute - just write here in format “Wheel brand and model, internal and external width, hooked/hookless, tire brand and model, pressure (optional), measured tire width”, and I’ll add your measurement to the table.


Does it matter (for your data collection) if the tire is new or well used?

Rim internal external type Tire psi width as measured mileage
Roval Rapide CLX II front 21mm 35mm hooked Continental GP5000 AS TR 32 58psi 32.8mm 1690 miles
Roval Rapide CLX II rear 21mm 31mm hooked Continental GP5000 AS TR 32 40psi 32.8mm 1690 miles

will likely be replacing the rear tire in a few weeks when it hits 2000 miles:

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I prefer when the tire is new but after one or two rides, because tires tend to blow up a little more after some time. But I’m adding all data that I can find, just for statistics and link to a source if possible, because it’s not always possible to find out if a tire is new or old, if measurement correct or not, rounded or not, etc. With a large amount of data, the user can have an approximate width for tire on a specific internal rim width.

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