Tire stuck to rim. What’s the trick?

I have a pair of GP5000 clincher tires and a set of fulcrum racing 5 tubeless ready wheels. The tires went on pretty easily. Had to use a lever for the last few bits but nothing crazy.

When I went to swap my GP5000s over to my winter tires I found the tires pretty much stuck to the rim.

It took me an hour to get one tire off! At which point I decided to not put the winter tires on as they are tighter.

Has anyone else has this? I’ve read tubeless ready rims are tighter.

What’s the trick? I have no desire to spend an hour at the side of the road with a puncture! With my previous version of fulcrum 5s replacing a tube was a 5 minute job

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Did you pull the valve core?

If you install your tires/tubes with a little talcum powder they will come off a lot easier. Tubes also don’t get stuck to the inside of the tire.

When I removed my last tire I carefully sawed at the bead with a box cutter which allowed me to easily pull it off. This was a tubeless GP5000TL and it was practically glued on after a year of use.

How would you even fix a puncture on the road if you had to saw it off?

Different people will have different ideas, but here is what I do…first, after the tire is deflated I pinch both beads down into the ‘trough’ of the rim bed. That gives the most bead circumference around the smallest rim circumference. Then take a tire iron and catch it under one bead opposite the valve stem…but don’t lever the tire up over the rim lip. Just get the tire iron caught under one bead & one bead only. Lever that bead up a little bit then take another tire iron and catch it under the bead about three inches from the first tire iron. Now lever both tire irons over the rim lip. Anchor one tire iron onto a spoke & use both hands to work the other tire iron around the rim.

Maybe not the best description. Sorry. But that’s how I do it.


I just did that because it took 30 seconds over fussing with tire levers. I have plugs to patch a tire on the road as a first course of action and then I also have a spare tube and tire levers as backup.

Guess I’ll be c carrying 3 tire irons from now on instead of 2 :rofl:

Ive had no problem getting them on or off over the last couple of years all the time (my rims are Revolver, Hunt and Alex FWIW) I had no strength of feeling in my fingers due to chemo; IMO its down to technique I do similar to @Brennus getting the beads deep into the wheel rim which makes slack elsewhere.


If you are running them tubeless, then getting the bead to release from the rim can be a challenge…the sealant is part of the problem but sometimes even a tubed tire will stick on a tubeless-ready wheel (ask me how I know :persevere:).

To deal with this on the side of the road, I bought a set of metal tire levers and put one in each saddle bag I have. It is thin enough to get in between the tire bead and tire. Once you have it started, the rest comes off pretty easily. I don’t use it to help pry off the tire, though…especially on a carbon rim.

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Or even all sticking together with the rim tape. When I was topping up sealant I pinched the beads together in the center of the rim - and they stuck together! Got it sorted and funny at the time.

I gripped the deflated tyre in a bench vice then pulled the wheel down. This broke the seal between the tyre and the rim. I don’t use those rims now for obvious reasons.

Sort of similar, though I start taking the tyre off at the valve, because it means there is a tiny bit more slack in it. If you do it opposite the valve, the tyre can’t move fully into the rim bed where the valve is, so doing it at the valve gives it a bit more space. Also I use cheap plastic tyre levers, seems to work well for me. (Deffo don’t use metal ones on carbon rims, if you have them).

It really depends on the rim/tyre combination though, my cx tyres I can usually take off by hand, and even sometimes put on like that.

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I use a vice too! Gave myself tendinitis in my wrist once after trying to get a tire off with my bare hands.

Sometimes they come off easy enough but a vice guarantees it

I use a gun and shoot them off.

Got the idea from Homer.

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I ride tubeless as well, Enve 45s. They are hard to get any tire to mount.

This is why Uber and Lyft are my recovery plans for breakdowns :slight_smile:

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I had this with the stock tyres on my MTB - in the end I had to cut handholds into the tyre and brace the wheel against my whole body weight to get it to release. Felt like they were stuck on with Araldite or something - there was absolutely no question of getting them off by hand. Never known anything like it.

For breaking the seal /bead, if needed I use the step technique which works on the side of the road as well (with elevated sidewalk). Put the deflated tire on the edge of a step (preferably stone/ something hard). Put shoe on the tire. Grab the wheel and yank it up (or down). So far I’ve managed to break all the seals on the tires without other tools. Afterwards still need to get it off the rim obviously.

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