Removing Race Kings

I’m really struggling with removing Race Kings from my wheels. I managed to get the one bead to pop but the other is not budging and I’ve been at it for about 30 mins. I’ve tried using a hair dryer and even a flathead screwdriver (I know, bad idea but I’m desperate). It’s currently raining so setting the tire in the sun is not an option. I’ve also been struggling with the rear wheel in getting any of the bead to pop and the rear has an insert too.

Any creative ideas out there?


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I’ve had to cut road tires in the past but always been able to get mountain bike tires off.

With the tire deflated and the wheel off the bike, try laying it on a firm surface, such as a low pile carpet or a rubber matt. Then, with shoes on, carefully step on the tire on either side of the rim (sort of straddle the tire) and you should be able to break the bead. I’ve had to do this for a really stubborn tires in the past.

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Instead of a hair dryer, try spraying water on the tire/rim interface. And use some leather yard gloves to get a better grip.

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Is this on a Stans Rim or something? Try putting a touch of air in the tire so it’s not so floppy.

Santa Cruz reserve rims. Love the suggestions, will try them today or tomorrow. Thanks!!!

You need two pieces of wood, boards maybe half an inch thick and not too wide (2" maybe). Put the wheel flat on the floor. Then support the rim with one of the boards, so it is slightly elevated. Then, put the other board so that it rest on the tyre, with the edge near the rim, but not on the rim. Step on that piece of wood. Hopefully that’ll pop the bead. It might work without the wood underneath the rim, but I felt I didn’t get enough leverage on the tyre without it, and was just pushing it against the floor. That was the only way I managed to get a tyre with an insert off.

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How about soapy water?

It’s binding on the opposite side of where you’re prying.

You can even use sex jelly. :innocent:

Had to cut a tire off a Stan’s Crest the other day. Such a PITA

Also, try pushing down, not sideways. Compress the rim edge inward anywhere and or everywhere on the rim. The bead is jammed up there because the bead thinks that’s the smallest diameter spot - the rim sidewall flexed outward creating a “hill” the bead needs to flex over.

Pretty much anyone who’s used a Stans Crest as a gravel/cx/road tire had this happen on the trail. The psi limit for a 35c is like 50psi, which is fine TL, but not tubed or with road tires. I once double flatted 35c at 55psi on these and life sucked for the next hour. …. Great product otherwise!

Kinda makes you laugh when you hear about people worrying a TL is going to come off the rim on a downhill!

The other way to break the bead is by putting the tyre (not the rim!) into a vice. That might also work for the tyre where one side is still seated - clamp the tyre and pull on the wheel. Need a workbench with a vice though.

Thanks everyone. I went with a variation of @Kuttermax’s and @splash’s suggestions. I placed the rim on two bricks (there was a thin piece of wood between the rim and brick) so that the rim was off the ground by about 6". I then pulsated with all of my weight through my hands on the stuck bead on the part of the rim that was not on the brick. It eventually gave way. Did the same with the wheel with the tubolight. Worked great. I appreciate all the suggestions and will also be adding sex jelly to my toolkit…


Strawberry-Champagne flavor?

This has worked for me every time.

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I had this problem recently with some Conti Terra Speeds. I let the air out, put a rag over the tire to prevent it from getting damaged, and grabbed it with a large pair of slip joint pump pliers. Rocking it back and forth with a good amount of force eventually popped the bead without damaging the tire or rim.