Tire plug on the handlebar and rope-plug tack

I like to keep a tire plug on the handlebars so that I can easily and quickly plug a tire if I feel or hear a substantial puncture/cut. However, how do you keep the rope plug tacky? Right now I have it affixed with electrical tape to the bar and have another piece of electrical tape covering the rope plug but that is not ideal.


Plug it into your bar ends.

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have you seen the new stans dart tire plug tool. they have a plastic cap over the plug. maybe you could rig something similar.

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the racer model has saved my rides multiple times! pricey, but worth it.

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Isn’t there a thread on here about what marathon MTB racers carry and how they carry it? The more I look at this stuff, the more I’m interested in the One Up EDC products.

I use Muul mounts.