Dynaplugs - Just to get you home or long-term fix?

So, in an effort to get actual useful stuff for Christmas I found a bunch of reasonably priced cycling goodies to put on my list for Santa and was rewarded with a Dynaplug repair kit. Fast-forward a month or so and I had my first opportunity to use them. I was out for a ride, a leak started on my rear wheel that the tubeless sealed eventually. Added air and on my way. All is well. A few days later I’m airing up in the living room about to head out and the aforementioned leak is back. Rotate the wheels, spread the sealant, etc. but no seal. Then I remember those Dynaplugs! Stab one in (which is very counter-intuitive to poke something like that in your tire)but it totally worked! Problem solved, rode 40 miles and they seem to be fine since.

My question is are those intended as a “get you home” sorta fix until you can put another repair in place or am I good to go? How many miles have you guys put on a plugged tire?

I just use them as a ‘get me home’ or ‘finish the race’ solution. But I’m a little weird and particular about tires. My 2c

What do you do after you get home?

You can try and patch it. Or go buy a new tire which is what I basically do.

:money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:. Yikes. If I plug it and it pumps up fine then I just leave it. Throw a patch on if it had trouble sealing the first time but that’s rare. I couldn’t imagine just binning the tire.

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May depend a bit too on what type of tire and tread and where on the tread the plug is. If it’s an MTB tire and the plug is down between the knobs, you’ll probably get a lot of life out of it. If it’s a road tire YMMV. If it’s on the sidewall your mileage may definitely vary!

Like I said - patch it. Between that and sealant it should hold along w the plug. Keep it around as a training or regular tire. But I get a nice deal on rubber, so I have a few tires hanging around. If it’s a race, new rubber is going on. Then again, I haven’t had too many issues w blown tires. Once or twice. And kept them around as a backup

I was thinking about my gravel or mountain bike. While my road bike is tubeless ready I forgot it was a thing. I’m still not ready for road tubeless.

Buy a new tire. Or mount a tire I’ve already bought.

I’ve had a plug work it’s way out twice. I have patched the tire, but not ridden on it yet. Probably will in some training rides this year to see how it holds up.

Yeah I am talking about my mountain bike tires.