Always put bar plugs into your handlebar!


Plug those bar ends? Why? How else am I supposed to take those fresh, mid-ride quadriceps core samples to determine the amount of fast-twitch activation I’m getting from my intervals?


I saw that article earlier but was wincing too much to post it here.

Now I know why a scrutineer wasn’t happy one of my bar end plugs was loose once before


oh god, brain bleach please


As a teenager I got some ODI lock-on grips and promptly proceeded to have an awkward fall off of an off-camber trail somewhere in Pisgah. I sort of fell on top of my vertical handlebar and had the ODI logo imprinted in my stomach for a couple days. It was cool! But yes, bar plugs are important.

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also, not a bad idea to put your name and address on a slip of paper and enclose it in the handlebar. extra insurance if bike is stolen and recovered


Or a good way to tell thieves where more nice bikes can be found?

You can’t race without bar ends in the UK, now I know why! :flushed:

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Same here in the USA for USAC races. I’ve had officials check these randomly based on time and field sizes but usually will not allow riders to participate if those are missing.

No. Just, no. That’s something I did not need to read.

In a roundabout kinda way, I guess he did… eventually :nauseated_face:

… and that’s enough internet for the day

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