Tips on cleaning white shoes?!

Hey guys,

Anyone have any tricks up their sleeves?


Subscribed, since my only solution to date has been to not buy white shoes :upside_down_face:


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
There are non-name brand versions you can find for cheaper on Amazon.


Definitely, but I’d warn against repeated usage of these products. It’s basically 1,000+ grit sandpaper so it’s physically removing the layer of material which is dirty rather than actually cleaning it/removing just the dirt. It will also make matte surfaces shiny. If you have a scratch on your phone screen, use a ‘magic eraser’ to buff it out…then see if you want a similar kind of result on your blingy shoes.

Always wear white shoes I simply wipe them down with baby wetwipes…seems to do the trick

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Wipe them down immediately after every ride. Even a quick wipe after taking them off is better than nothing and will go a long way to keeping them looking better.

Still a p.i.t.a.

I use these for cleaning shoes

Fair weather riding only and baby wipes!

I almost always wipe down my wheels and brake pads after each ride, but baby wipes are great for a quick wipe down of your frame and shoes whenever needed.

Wetwipes here too, fragrence free, water wipes only. Use on indoor trainer bike to wipe hoods and bar tape/ saddle also😎

+1 for baby wipes after each ride and magic eraser to deal with marks.

Just had a thought!!
Has anyone tried using Shoe Protector sprays?! Makes sense… I haven’t tried it though


Quick tip / saving strategy if you want to use the magic eraser is to look for melamine foam instead of the name brand “Magic Eraser”. It’s almost the same thing without the price tag:

Saddle soap and a scrub brush.

Your options are:

  1. Don’t buy them
  2. Buy them but just accept that all the permeable bits of them (stitching, vents, etc) are going to go gradually grey, brown or whatever colour your local dirt is
  3. Be completely obsessive about keeping them clean and wear them only indoors, under shoe covers, or on days when the roads have been swept and there is 0% chance of rain. Warning - this way is doomed to fail at some point, even if you don’t screw up then pets, children and team mates have a sixth sense for these things and will find a way to ruin your immaculate shoes.

One option not yet listed here is to use some brand of the cleaning liquids made for sneakers, for example Jason Markk. I suppose that works as well with bike shoes as it does with white sneakers.