Shoe care ideas?

What are folks doing for shoe care? Just had a pretty wet MTB ride and the shoes ended up pretty muddy. I’ve always just wiped them with a damp cloth to get 98% of the dirt off and let them air dry. Pull the insoles if they are damp too. Anyone do anything else? I’ve ruined some MTB/CX shoes by spraying them with the hose and then they take forever to dry and kinda dry rot.

I fill them with old newspaper when they are wet. Make the shoes dry alot faster.


If you use a fan on the trainer, tip that down using books or whatever you have handy. Take the insoles out and leave the fan on all night and the next morning you will have nice dry shoes again. I can completely soak a pair of shoes and ride them the next day without a drop of moisture in them. If you don’t use a fan on the trainer, get a fan :wink:


This really does work.

Just don’t place the newspaper-filled shoes on a bathroom towel rail, leaning them on the wall behind the rail - turns out it leaves massive stain marks on the painted wall !!

Doh! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have always cleaned mine in the shower so they get completely clean.

Then take the soles out, and then put a pair of skiing boot dryer / heaters in them and they are super dry the next morning!

I have this one:

Doesn’t get too warm to ruin the shoes as well. It’s warm to the touch but won’t ever burn.

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