Tingling after VO2max

Apologies if this has been answered before but is a slight tingling sensation in the legs normal after hard VO2max efforts? I’ve experienced it a few times now. I’m guessing it’s just the muscle tissue refilling with O2 after being put into deficit, but the last time I did any biology was about 25 yrs ago so I thought I’d recruit the collective wisdom of this forum. I’m not worried at all about it, but just interested. Thanks in advance for your time considering this.

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I get it if I go all out on the ramp test. Not that I bother doing that very often anymore ( It over estimates if I do).
In my case I’m typically hunched over and really tensed up. As soon as the work’s done I relax and experience tingles. Pretty sure it’s just restricted blood flow being released.
When I used to do similar efforts at kickboxing I never experienced tingles. You’d simply start to get a bit dizzy and your legs would stop working.


Early DOMS; after a hard work out you’ve ripped tiny nerves in the back of your legs. The tingles is just them repairing. It’s the adaptation process and will make you stronger. If they don’t subside though it could be sign of overtraining. You need to find the balance. The new Adaptive Training I think aims to find the balance less subjectively and more scientifically. Coach Chad explains it better than me :+1:

It’s probably too much potassium. Drink more fluids, consider taking some natrium bicarbonate pills to balance it out. It seems you have more toxins than your body can excrete at that time.

DOMS is not due to nerve damage.


How long after?

If immediate, it could be due to hypocapnia.

So you’re suggesting that they’re going into kidney failure? :wink:

No of course not (I hope). But even if you are healthy you can over stress your body. We can all go too far.

I can’t claim to be an expert, it might be muscle damage, I maybe confused it with the nerve damage in my fingers due to chemo. As I said Chad can explain it better than me.

I get something similar after a hard effort, which I’ve often wondered about.

Difficult to describe, but it feels like a shiver upon cessation of effort (e.g., 1 min all out). Happens immediately when the power comes down and lasts about half a second and is primarily focused on the shoulders/nape.

No ill effects afterwards and can continue the session. Interestingly, I use this as an indicator of effort - the best Hill Climb TTs I’ve done, I’ve always experienced this.

Would be interested to hear if anyone else gets this.

Thanks folk. It could be dehydration, but I don’t get it on other workouts when I’m pretty sure I get just as dehydrated and I’ve had my kidney function checked fairly recently and it’s all working perfectly well thankfully! I think the best description would be a ‘scintillation’ which lasts for 5 seconds or so at the end of the session during the last couple of intervals. I’m pretty sure it’s just either oxygen or blood flow returning back to a steady state although I will look into hypocapnia as well.

Is this mid workout or after you’ve finished? Are you doing a cool down or pretty much trying to climb off turbo whilst HR still high.

I think if I tried to climb off the turbo after a VO2 Max seesion I’d most likely head butt the wall when my legs failed me! :woozy_face: I experience this immediately after the last one or two VO2Max intervals, at the start of either the recovery valley or the final warm down spin. I don’t notice it whilst I’m still putting the power down, it seems to be at the point of release at the back end of a session and lasts 5 seconds or so. I should say that don’t get it when pushing hard at a similar RPE/HR on threshold efforts which is why I think it’s related to an oxygen debt from VO2Max work and perhaps pushing into anaerobic state more than anything more sinister.

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I’ver recently experienced this as well with my last 2 VO2 workouts (Spencer +2 and Mills). It happens right after I finish the effort and lasts for a few seconds.

Do you know your max HR?
Do you know if you reach max HR durin vo2max?

I get tingly if I reaching max HR (> 200)

Have never reach on bike, have reach running

I don’t think I’ve ever really known what my max HR is. I know that I’ve never seen it over 175 on the bike despite feeling as if I had absolutely nothing in the tank on several occasions. I’m a 42 yr old male in pretty good shape.

It’s hypocapnia. As you hyperventilate in a difficult interval your CO2 is “blown off.” One of the effects are paresthesias classically to the lips and extremities.


What you’re feeling are GAINS. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Isn’t that spelled GAINZ?


Are you using any supplements?