Timing Peak Fitness, Raising FTP, Training Calendars and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 258

Training and planning tips to reach peak fitness at your goal event, how to build your FTP and increase endurance for long efforts, techniques to manage a high training load and more in Episode 258 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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I would ask a question for next episode.


My name is Alfred and I’m a athlete from Sweden! Even tho we are allowed to train outside I like the indoor training alot more.
What training plan do you suggest for indoor Competition only? “E-sports”
The competitions is around 30-60 min and can be climbs or just plain roads.
I want to be able to compete all year around with ofc some rest periods *smiley

Thank you for a great pod/videocast. Been a member for a while now.
PS! need that run/swim upload to calender!!!


When will it be up on spotify?

Question about weekly tips, and reading them each week.
They appear on my calendar when I add a plan manually be when I get a plan added through plan builder, there are no weekly tips.
Is there a way to read weekly tips while using plan builder?

Hm, I have weekly tips with the plan builder plan.

Maybe something broke for yours?

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So, are there really just three TrainerRoad users using Elite Nero rollers? @Jonathan, Jane who submitted a question to this episode of the podcast, and me? I seem to recall, @Jonathan, a comment by you there might be some special TR feature coming for the Neros? Perhaps not with a known user base that is now tripled to 3.

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We have no way of knowing the count. Presumably they can see the devices from each user and are using that to determine what to focus on. And having a lead like Jonathan as a primary user likely bumps it up the list.

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I don’t see the link to the article about sweet spot… please?

Maybe this article?

Figured it out, Triathlon plans don’t have the weekly tips :slightly_frowning_face: and was doing a cycling plan beforehand which had the tips

Thank you! :pray:

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They definitely know the counts of trainers being used. It was mentioned when they ended support for Computrainer that there were only a few dozen users. Sadly, I was one of them.


Actually they do have the notes but not added to the calendar, you need to go trough web or the iPhone app in my case. It’s a bit bothersome and it would be way better if they were just added to the calendar.

Maybe that can be fixed, @Bryce ?

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This podcast is enormous. If we’re going to have podcasts over 2 hours, can they be broken up into chunks, in the same way the videos are? I generally can’t find 2 hours straight to listen to anything, and it’s frustrating to have to stop in the middle of an answer, meaning I enjoy it less and I keep bumping other podcasts ahead of it in the queue. The content is great as always, and Amber brings something extra to it but 2 hours and 42 minutes is too long.

Chad had mentioned that we should try to maintain a 90% compliance to a target power. Is there a good way to measure this after the workout to see how we did?

@jonathan @Nate_Pearson, the audio quality on this episode (and the prior one) is PERFECT. The lags/delays are gone, and the flow is so good I can no longer tell you’re not all together at the same place. Great work!


I have a question that came from the section about raising FTP compared to extending how long you can hold your current FTP.
To what extent does your advice apply to running? There’s no power (or maybe I should say that most people don’t use power) for running, so it’s naturally a lot more dependent on things like RPE, heart rate, and speed to assess gains. I’m training to get fast over a 5k distance, thinking it will be easier to extend that to longer runs, as compared to just getting comfortable running far (but slow) and then trying to pick up the pace. That being said, I’m still getting in at least 40 miles running a week and doing a weekly 10+ mile long run.

While this is not on the roadmap at the moment, I will share this suggestion with the team for consideration as resources free up :+1:.