Timing of gels for a 60 min climb ( L'Alpe d'Huez)

Did you see Pogarcar? He was training up Alpe d’Huez Sunday morning.

Oh wow, no, I did not. I‘ll be in Paris for the Final Stage, so probably seeing him there instead :wink:

I would take 2 isotonic gels (20g carbs) instead of the 40g one. First one (caffeïne) right before the start, second one after 30 minutes.

I know I’m a bit late, 4.7 W/kg is an impressive effort!! How close is that to your FTP? And we’re you happy with your pacing strategy?

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Thanks. FTP at sea level and fresh at the time was probably around 5W/kg, maybe a little higher.
That in mind, I think 4.7W/kg is a strong effort, but I think there were some 5 more watts in it… which would also have placed me one spot up in the GC… but I am not mad at that. I paced it higher than I wanted and it still was a little on the low side.

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