Time Trial Tire Pressure [TdF Related]

Phil keeps saying the tires are rock hard for the time trial. Are they still using high pressure in their tires for the time trials? Or are they following the science and using lower pressure for less rolling resistance?

They’re doing whatever the science says, which means it’s neither low or high pressure, but the correct pressure :wink:

The answer is it just depends on the tire design, size, surface, and everything else.

The roads the TdF are on look to be very smooth.


If I’m being honest, I would not put much stock into anything Phil says in his commentary these days. He can barely keep rider names straight anymore.


Cycling tips did a review of some TT bikes and he mentioned that Pogacar is running ~98psi in the rear and 89 in the front. I don’t remember if he talked about the tire pressures for the other bikes. But the general trend is for sure coming down to sub 100psi at the very least where the ‘traditional’ pressures are probably more like 115+

PSA - don’t listen to anything Phil Liggett has to say. He is way past his expiration date and has completely lost touch with what is going on with bike tech.

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That’s way higher than I expected :astonished:

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Remember, he is probably running tubulars…but yes, for a guy his size, that does seem to be a little high. I used to run ~85psi the last few years I was on tubs.

Are tubulars run at a higher pressure? Isn’t rubber rubber and it’s based on tyre size, ride+bike weight and surface? :man_shrugging:

It also depends on tire type….typically, in terms of tire pressure (lowest to highest) it goes Tubeless —> Tubular —> Clincher.

Construction of the tire and the overall inflation system influence pressure (along with the other factors you noted). But 80 psi is different in clincher vs a tubular vs a tubeless tire.